The snake's movement is considered to be the awakening of inner strength. If the snake in the dream is colorful and makes you feel a special joy, then it may represent the spiritual power of intuition and wisdom.

  Dreaming of snakes of various colors. If you have a religious belief, this may suggest that your spiritual cultivation is growing. Even if you do not have a specific belief, this also means that you have a good relationship with your inner wisdom. You should make good use of your intuition. , Will get unexpected results.

  Dreaming that the green snake bit his hand is a good sign, meaning that the dreamer's life will be carefree.

  Dreaming that the green snake bit his wife's hand means that the dreamer will be very happy in love.

  Pregnant women dreamed of green snakes, suggesting that the fetus of the dreamer would develop healthily.

  Dreaming of a red snake means that the dreamer will have a happy event.

  Unmarried men and women dream of red snakes, suggesting that dreamers may find their favorite person in the near future, and they will be very happy.

  Married men and women dream of red snakes, suggesting that dreamers' children will be happy and grow up happily.

  The patient dreamed of a red snake, suggesting that the dreamer's body would recover soon.

  Dreaming of green snakes, suggesting that dreamers may have bad news coming, making themselves unhappy.

  Dreaming of a white snake is a good sign and a sign of getting rich.

  The pregnant woman dreamed of the white snake in her arms, implying that the dreamer would have a bright and beautiful daughter.

  Case study of dreaming of snakes of various colors

  Netizen's dream: I had a dream last night when a TV repairer came to my house, "But our TV is not broken." The door was not closed, and it was hidden. At this time, I saw one The yellow, long, fat snake is crawling downstairs to our house. I do n’t know what is going on. When I saw it climbing up from the window, I knew it was crawling towards our house. We live on the third floor. I I was about to close the door, but it was too late. The snake was crawling in, but it didn't attack me. It crawled into my house. The snake crawled around our house and went out. It doesn't seem to be malicious. I am a very scary person, but I am not afraid in my dreams. Also the night before, I dreamed that I would walk on a small road with my friends and there were many trees around. A lot of snakes appeared at this time . The most special thing with black flowers is that there are a lot of white snakes. They are lying on the road in piles without moving or attacking me, so I step by step carefully from their side. Walked by.

  Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams : In the original interpretation of dreams, there was such a saying: Dreaming that the snake yellow and white masters have official affairs! Judging from your dreams, this is a great happy event. This dream is a hint that you are about to be promoted. This dream is a dream of great luck.