Chicken dream hair, said that it would suffer a mild degree of interference.

  Dreaming of doing business with chicken feathers means good luck and prosperity.

  Dreaming that there are many chicken feathers floating around, it means that your burden on life is very light.

  Dreaming of black feathers is a symbol of dissatisfaction, and may also indicate that unpleasant events will occur.

  Business people dream of feathers, and they should not take the risk of investing in the near future. Long-term savings.

  Dreaming about pulling chicken feathers, your professional sensitivity is very high these days, you can smell where there are business opportunities, if you have a moderate image design, your charm can really be unstoppable. Meet valuable people.

  Students dream of plucking feathers, and they should pay attention to gradual and orderly learning. Step by step is the law of mastering knowledge and a shortcut to learning cultural knowledge. In learning, you must climb up the steps steadily as you climb the steps, and constantly use the "old knowledge" to obtain "new knowledge". If you blindly pursue speed and quantity, the result must be "hurry and not reach".

  Job seekers dream of plucking feathers, which indicates that the luck of the job is coming down. The beginning is often good, and the other party feels good about you. But the grasp of opportunity is not enough, and the missing is still unaware.

  Dreaming of long feathers, life will be happy and comfortable.

  Retired people dream of long feathers and have the opportunity to travel, it is best not to go out for the time being.

  Single people dream of long chicken feathers, indicating that there is little fluctuation in love. Both confession and confession are possible, but they are often unclear about how they feel. If couples are committed to a common interest or topic, the relationship is expected to increase a lot.

  Finding workers dreaming of long feathers indicates that the job hunting is generally fortune. In addition to your own abilities and performance, there are many factors that you do not know will affect the final result and may encounter black-box operations.

  Dreaming of a feather, you are very enthusiastic about chasing money and studying money-making techniques, but it is not a time when money is very strong, so it is better to have less speculative psychology and less speculation on property. The expansion of social life will help your career, and you will build a better professional image for your career.

  The staff dreamed of a place where feathers and feathers were in conflict with each other in terms of main money. The expenses were large and the profits were small.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Feather

  Dream Description: In the dream, I ate something like chicken feathers, the taste was extremely bad, and it messed up in my stomach. In the end, I had to spit out the chicken feathers, and my mouth and belly were full of weird smells, and I woke up to woke up. After I got up, there seemed to be something weird in my mouth. (Female, 23 years old)

  Dream interpretation: This dream indicates that you may have some problems in your relationship or money. The taste of that bitter and strange feather is a symbol of this situation. Eating is a kind of fulfillment of desire. This dream is a little weird. Eating feathers is because you may have problems in real life, maybe your desire is too strong. However, sometimes it also means that you are worried or ashamed after you are satisfied with your desires, so you cannot "digest" easily.