To dream of clam masters will have children in the future, which means that the person who dreams of clams will have children in old age.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Clams, the Lord will have children in the future. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream clams. This dream is a sign of union. Merchants dream of this, it is advisable to share the profits with the business; brothers dream of this, the master will not achieve success; those who travel dream of this, it is advisable to go together; the married dream of this, marriage is beautiful. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream clams. Clams are good, clams are good. Whoever dreams of this, fit together or not. For example, in the dreams of merchants, the main unity of the original and multi-profit; the dreams of brothers, the main division of production cannot be achieved; the dream of traveling, the cooperation of the main partner is better; the dream of marriage, the main gain is beauty. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream eating clams. Conducive to the home, not conducive to the official. Everything is good for business, travel, marriage, transaction, illness, pregnancy and so on. Only the official should be dismissed and retired, otherwise he might be in danger of drowning. Menglin Xuanjie