Zhou Gong Jiemeng dreamed about lice

The lice in your dreams symbolize the stupidity or stubbornness of others, which will cause you a lot of trouble or loss.

People in the workplace dream of lice, indicating the danger of being fired.

Business people dream of lice, indicating that business may be lost.

Dreaming of you killing or removing lice indicates that the irritating situation is about to end and you will have good luck.

I dreamed that lice were everywhere on my clothes, and there was a sign of a patient or accident in my family, and my heart was disturbed.

Dreaming of lice on livestock heralds famine and failure.

Dreaming of lice on your body means that you will behave rudely to acquaintances.

Dreaming of catching lice is a sign of disease, but it also means that you will develop a sick lifestyle.

The original version of Zhou Gong's dream dreams about lice

See the lice, the Lord is in dilemma. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream lice are born from the skin and are good luck. This dream is an endless sign of business. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of lice flying on others, Ji. This dreamer has foreign wealth. Mysterious Dreams

Dream waist lice, Kyrgyzstan. Qiwangcai comes, and everything improves. Mysterious Dreams

Dream catch lice. The subject asks for himself, regardless of seeking fortune and prolonging his life, and for illness and sorrow. "Secret Secretary"

Finding lice and killing lice, all make money. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Lord of lice is damaged. Lice are irritating and represent loss in dreams. When you see lice in your dreams, you are in a disadvantageous situation. You need to beware of being misled.

Psychoanalysis: Staff members dream of lice and may be fired. If you still care about this job, you must work harder to prevent being fired. The businessman dreamed of lice, which was a sign that the money would be ruined, suggesting that the business would suffer losses. Be cautious about recent investments.

Dreaming of strangling lice means that the loss has ended and it will soon be rich. Dreaming that lice are everywhere on the clothes is a bad omen, suggesting the presence of a patient or causing an accident in the family.