What does it mean to dream of a lion and a lion ? Is it a dream to see a lion and a lion? Dreaming about a lion and a lion has real impacts and reactions, as well as subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming lion and a lion by the editor below ( Zhou Gongjie dream official website

  Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed of Lion Master

  Dreaming about the lion shows the powerful side of the dreamer's "self".

  The pride and power of a lion will also remind one of his father's dignity and other respectable qualities.

  Dream of meeting your lion, reminding you to pay attention to your health, you may get sick, or your rivals are very powerful.

  Dreaming of fighting with the Lions indicates that you will face challenges and opportunities in your career and great development.

  Dreaming that you were bitten by a lion means that you can overcome difficulties, or you may not be defeated in the face of a powerful adversary.

  Dreaming of a lion catching a hunted animal indicates that your recent life may have reminded you of your father's autocracy, or that you dominate your sexual life with a submissive partner.

  Dreaming of a lion eating people implies a deficiency in one aspect of your character, and it also means that you or others may be in danger and beware of it.

  Dreaming of a lion rushing to his friend indicates that there may be some kind of lasting conflict to begin, and you may face a bad day.

  Dreaming about the lion screaming majesticly, foreshadows that your adversary has an identity and status.

  When a woman dreams of a lion roaring, it means that you are smart and capable, can run the family business, and even control the power of husband.

  The lion sat quietly in the dream, indicating that although your opponent is powerful, considering your status, you will not attack easily, but it will be fatal if you hit it.

  Dreaming of a lion hunt or a lion taming means that you will defeat your opponent.

  Seeing the circus taming the lion in the dream signaled that the enemy was willing to reconcile with you.

  Dreaming of riding on a lion bodes well for your fame and fortune.

  Dreaming that the lion and the lamb lie together, indicating that the contradictions will have a chance to be adjusted.

  Dreaming of a lion attacking a wild elephant or other large animal means that the enemy will encounter troubles. Maybe you are too self-assertive and prone to disputes with others. It is best to restrain yourself and get along with others in harmony.

  A woman dreams of a lion. If she is not married , it indicates that she will marry a high-weight and strong man. If she is married, it indicates that a strong boy will be born.

  Psychological Interpretation Dreaming of Lion Master

  Dream interpretation: The lion in the dream symbolizes cruelty and strength.

  Psychoanalysis: The lion in dreams is often associated with dignity, strength, glory, and courage, and these are exactly what you need to succeed.

  Spiritual Symbol: The lion in the dream symbolizes the passion of life that must be restrained on a spiritual level.

  Case Study of Dreaming About Lion Master

  [Dream Example 1]

  Dream Description: My dream was not a lion but a lion family. There is a male lion and a female lion, and two baby lions. They have a good time on the grass. I think they live happily. (Male, 35 years old)

  Dream analysis: The majestic lion is a symbol of social reputation and social status. When men dream of a mighty lion, it shows that you have been working hard to realize your social value. When women dream of a lion, they will marry a decisive and healthy man. If you hear the roar of a lion, it means you have to overcome the jealousy of someone around you.

  [Dream Example 2]

  Dream description: A young woman dreamed of a lion for two consecutive days. On the first day, she dreamed that she was besieged by a group of lions and hiding in a small bungalow beside the railway with a few friends. The next day, she dreamed that the villa of her boyfriend's house was besieged by a group of lions, but several of them fought heroically with the lions and finally broke through. Soon she encountered a robbery on the road, but fortunately she was delayed wit and was eventually rescued.

  Dream analysis. Lions generally symbolize intimidation of dreamers. In addition, the lion's dream may also be a manifestation of lack of confidence. Dreaming of besieged by a lion is usually a sign of difficulty, problems, or conflict. Hiding everywhere represents escape from problems, reality and pressure. Being besieged by a group of lions in the villa and fighting heroically showed that the dreamer had the courage to face the challenge under great pressure, had confidence, broke out, and solved the difficulties.