Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed about abalone

  Abalone is a marine shellfish, four sea first taste of it. Abalone often represents a high-end, luxurious food in China's catering industry. In dreams, abalone represents greed and sexual desire.

  Dreaming of abalone and good luck indicates that life is rich.

  A businessman dreaming of abalone indicates that he has a good opportunity to make a lot of money in front of him.

  The man dreamed of eating abalone, and drooled, indicating that he would have problems with heterosexual relations.

  Dreaming of eating abalone means that he can't do anything because he wants too much.

  Dreaming of cleaning up the abalone heralded a good reward.

  Case Study of Dreaming Abalone

  Description of Dreamland: Yesterday I suddenly had a dream. I dreamed that there were a lot of clams, conch, and abalone on the beach by the sea, and they were all alive, moving, vivid and beautiful. I picked it up, and before I knew it, I picked up a big box. The big box was full of conch, a bit like a small one. The white conch was still moving. After being taken home, they are still alive and everywhere. What does this mean?

  Dream analysis: Dreaming of abalone indicates that life is rich and good fortune, sometimes it reminds you not to be too greedy.