Dreamsmeaning Book dream bustard

Dreaming of bustard is a bad sign.

A woman dreams of a bustard indicates that her personal affair will be exposed.

The dreamer bustard for those who are   about to get married indicates that the marriage has failed, and the bride is not a chaste generation.

When a man dreams of a bustard, it indicates that he will travel far away to do things and have no ambition.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book Dreams of Bustard

Dreaming of bustards is tired of ghosts. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dream bustard, fierce. This dream is the master of conquering the long-distance thing, and it also masters the omen of Tian Chou's ruin, and can't look up and give up. If a woman dreams of this, there must be something ugly about her private relationship; if a married person dreams of this, her wife must be unchaste. Menglin Xuanjie