Dream Dictionary dream of water birds

  Dream waterfowl, money transport rapid decline. Although I miss dating lover, but the cupboard is bare, action will be limited.

  Dream waterfowl swim play, will make a harbinger of a new lover. ( Dream Dictionary official website )

  There are wives of men dream of waterfowl swimming in play, he will be loved by women other than his wife, caused trouble on love.

  Singles dream waterfowl, suggesting more than you love twists and turns.

  Original Dream Dictionary Dream waterfowl

  Mandarin duck habitat only dream of - the Swiss master Fu Zhen Pian levy. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream mandarin ducks playing in the water - guitar. The fun of playing in the water is a sign of joy, and the marriage is celebrated by the master of the dream. If dreams stop, Fushou Zhenzhen's Rui Zheng. Mysterious Dreams

  Nightmare playing in the water-playing in the water is a sign of joy, the dreamer, the marriage of the Lord, and the family celebrating. "Secret Secretary"

  Flying in the dream garden pool-Ji. The feelings of love between the master and the male are condensed into a sign, and the joy will not be seen in a month. Mysterious Dreams

  Yuanyang dispersed - main wife fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Duke waterfowl stock market dream

  Dreaming of waterfowl swimming and playing, the stock market hinted at hovering in the lowest price.

  Case Study of Dreaming Waterfowl

  Dream Description: The dream of a large group of waterfowl in my home, waterfowl mouth chattered a lot of fish to the yard Chung, catch me around.

  Dream Analysis: waterfowl dream, that you are not a practical sincere people, women like to go mess around and dream waterfowl hundred a lot of fish, you pick up off the shelf, but also eat soft food that you are relying on a person.