Zhou Gong interprets dreams and dreams about birds

  Dreaming of the little bird standing at his feet indicates something that pleases himself or those around him.

  Dreaming of a bird flying into his arms, a man will have a happy event that promotes his status, such as promotion, and a woman is a pregnant fetus.

  Dreaming of a bird eating animal meat is a dream of becoming a rich man, and will accumulate a large amount of family property.

  Dreaming of birds fighting, disaster will come. But dreaming that all the birds flew away was an auspicious sign.

  If you see many birds in the bird cage in your dream, it means that you will accumulate a lot of property or charming beautiful children.

  There is only one bird in the bird cage, which means that you will marry someone who is rich and free .

  Dreaming of eating birds will confuse things because of the mouths of the three aunts and six ladies.

  Dreaming of the bird flying into the room and still squeaking, which means that there will be an impactful development in the relationship. Maybe your loved one will be reunited with you, or the object of your already dead heart suddenly Feeling good about you and interacting with you is a symbol of the resurrection of love.

  Dreaming of the little bird hatching, the newborn baby squeaked, this means that there will be a small life in the family, if the hostess dreams, there will be good news for pregnancy, or it means that you are about to go to the pot. In addition, in terms of work, it also means that your implementation plan will produce results.

  Dreaming of flying in the mountains like a bird, implying that love will develop rapidly. Maybe it will evolve from talking in the coffee shop to holding hands, then from kissing and developing to eating forbidden fruit ... In short, your current state of love will indeed change.

  Dreaming of playing with a bird means that you will soon meet the person you want, and you will fall in love from then on, so take advantage of the opportunity.

  Zhou Gong's stock market dreamed of birds

  Dreaming of a birdie, the stock market suggested that they should sell as soon as possible, otherwise they would fall and make no money.

  Case Study of Dreaming Little Bird

  Description of the dream: In the dream, a bird was stepped on my feet. I wanted to catch it, and I wanted to tie its feet. However, when I pulled it, I pulled off its head and skin. The flesh was blurred. I remember I threatened it: "You feed the cat when you run." (Male, 18)

  Dreamland analysis: The bird here may symbolize a person. This person is like a bird in some way. Perhaps this person is your girlfriend. She is a gentle person like a bird. But this person will fly away or run away, and you are worried about all this happening, so you want to tie her feet, but accidentally hurt her.

  In fact, you should understand that the consequence of treating a bird in this way is to harm the "bird", and as long as you don't "step on it", the "bird" will not want to "run away".