Dreaming of raccoons. It indicates that the enemy deceives you under the guise of friendship.

To dream of a raccoon is about to be an enemy of a strongman.

To dream of a raccoon pounce on you, the enemy will be your enemy for a long time.

Dreaming of a raccoon running, happiness is approaching.

To dream of being bitten to death by a raccoon means that life is miserable.

To dream of a raccoon coming down from the top of the mountain along the rugged mountain road, will fight a lawsuit with others, and will not be at peace all day.

To dream of a raccoon going up the mountain and disappearing at the top of the mountain, all the pain of the dreamer will all end.

To dream of a standing white raccoon dancing, the dreamer will have a good relationship with his boss, or get a promotion or an increase in salary.

Dreaming that the body of a black raccoon is drifting in the water, there will be heavy rain, indicating that your neighbors and friends will be imminent disaster.

The boatman dreamed that the body of a white raccoon was drifting in the water, which meant that a tsunami and an iceberg were coming.