Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of a small fish

  Dreaming that the little fish will have happy things in love. Maybe the gift from your lover is what you want, and the style is just right for you, great!

  Scholars dreamed that the fish had a bad omen test score.

  The widowed lonely person dreams that the small fish has a chance to travel, and it is not good to go alone with his companion.

  Dreaming of a small fish dying, to be sick, or to be an enemy of strong men.

  A single person dreaming of the death of a small fish indicates that your relationship is bright and the offensive pursuit of the opposite sex is fierce. Very concerned about the first feeling, there may be the possibility of encountering the other party's confession. If you refuse, be careful that an overly direct attitude can hurt people.

  Dreaming of many small fishes indicates that your recent friends are very fortunate. When encountering a crisis, they will get the help of many friends. Treasure these friends who have helped you.

  Working people dream of a lot of small fish, indicating that you often think about doing more and doing less at work recently, and are susceptible to the impact of holidays. You are also eager to gain a lot of useful experience from communication and discussion.

  Scholars dreamed of many small fish, indicating that if you have any meditations in your studies recently, you can concentrate on doing this, or you can sit in the dark to exclude external interference. This is very important for you to learn new knowledge. helpful.

  Dreaming of seeing a lot of small fish indicates that you have to pay more attention to the health of your family and elders recently. You may encounter people who hit you. The more you expose your heart to the other party, the more you will suffer. The emotional aspect will also fall into the dilemma of communication, and various reasons are also caused by mutual prejudice.

  Dreaming of catching a lot of small fish indicates that you will be busy recently because of others, and you always feel a little eager to escape. If you really do n’t want to do it, quickly push it out. In Xu Mozhai's "Xu's Five Elements Destiny", he said "Yangming Jinxiangren". People like this destiny will have noble people to help you.

  Dream Case Study

  Dream description: Dreaming of thirst and wanting to drink water, I took a cup with a cup in the water tank, and suddenly found that the dense small fish fry were swimming in the water tank, and I seemed to drink a few of them! I am not married yet !

  Dream analysis: This dream indicates that something will surprise you in the near future. If you are unmarried, it depends on whether you are in love. If you are a person in love, it indicates that your relationship will be sweeter. Being single may herald a sweet relationship.