Dreaming of a crazy dog ​​means that the enemy will launch a despicable attack on you and your friends.

  Dreaming of mad dogs is prone to unexpected accidents. Pay particular attention to traffic accidents.

  Dreaming of a mad dog barking and biting means that you may have an accident or be attacked by a serious illness.

  Dreaming about a crazy dog ​​biting you means that you may receive unfortunate news from relatives and friends.

  Dreaming of successfully killing a mad dog indicates that you will overcome the opposition and finally get a generous financial return.

  It is not good to dream of being bitten by a crazy dog. According to Zhou Gong 's interpretation of the dream , it should be unsuccessful, so you should pay more attention to it. For example, you should avoid talking with colleagues, friends, or strangers, especially if you don't have holidays with yourself Contact people and avoid conflicts. When it comes to money, be careful with your money and think twice about unnecessary or unknown expenses. If the dog is bitten by a crazy dog, try not to go far in the near future and pay attention to your safety.

  Dreaming of bleeding from a dog bite is a sign that the dreamer is in danger or is caught in an inextricable tongue.

  Dreaming of being bitten by a dog is not necessarily a good thing, it implies that a villain wants to harm you. If there is no bleeding, it means that although a villain will harm you, it will not cause any substantial loss. At most, someone will say bad things behind you.

  Crazy dogs represent troubles in life, or hate people who bit you and hurt you; blood represents a loss of energy. Although you may live happily and calm during the day, some minor troubles may also accumulate Appear in dreams.