Zhou Gong Xie Mengmeng was shocked when he met a tiger

I was shocked when I met a tiger. The purchase was quite good. I stumbled upon a bargain-selling store while staying at Liuda, or bought something with a low discount before closing. Good luck.

A woman is startled when she meets a tiger, saying that she and her child will get sick.

Dreaming of the tiger rushing towards himself, said it would be difficult.

Men are startled when they meet a tiger, saying that they will encounter difficulties on the road to success.

Dreaming of a tiger jumping at others and startled, said that a major car accident would occur , but he could survive.

Dreaming of a tiger in the courtyard and being startled means that you will make friends with powerful people, but you must not pretend to be a tiger and do something that is offensive.

Dreaming about the tiger roaring and startled, it means that you will be reused and promoted by your boss in the near future, and your position will be promoted as you wish. This is a good dream.

Dreaming of riding on a tiger's back and being startled was a sign of fortune rising sharply. In this case, you can participate in the "battle attack", the show, and maybe take a lot of things back.

Case Study of Dreaming of Tigers

Dream description: My parents, my sister and I could n’t remember, my sister suddenly screamed in fright. She said there was a tiger, and my father called 110 on the phone. At this time, we saw the tiger at the next door. Then, we all hid in the house, but the sister suddenly ran to the yard. We told her that she would not come back, and then she woke up, and she was still afraid.

Dream analysis: Tiger is a kind of fierce animal that makes people fear. Dreamers are full of fear in their dreams, which indicates that there will be nervous things around the dreamers. Be careful.