Dreaming of wild ducks being hunted by people means that those who hate you will try their best to expose the secrets of your private life.

Dreaming of wild ducks flying in the sky predicts that a bright future is waiting for you. This situation also means that someone in the family is going to get married .

Seeing wild ducks in the dream, foraging and playing on the clear water, means traveling with interest. If you see a large group of white wild ducks around the farm, you will predict a rich harvest.

Dreaming of wild ducks entering the house is a dangerous omen.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

To dream that the owner of a wild duck is fierce when entering the house;

Dreaming of eating chickens, ducks and other meat is auspicious;

Dreaming of geese and ducks traveling together and adding good concubines;

Dreaming of killing chickens, geese and ducks is lucky.