Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed about dried fish

Dreaming of dried fish heralded difficulties in life.

The patient dreamed of dried fish, indicating that the body would be sick.

Dreaming of dried fish entering the water indicates that your life will have a new turn or good luck due to your efforts, or that difficulties will be resolved.

The patient dreamed that the dried fish would enter the water, and his body would soon recover.

Dreaming that there are many dried fish on the dry ground, remind you that the surrounding environment is deteriorating and you are caught off guard and need help.

Dreaming that I brought a lot of dried fish is a confusion about fate, which means that my career is not smooth, my life is difficult, and I do not know where to go.

Dreaming of salted fish, regardless of its size, is a sign of sorrow and worry.

Dreaming of eating salted fish can get lucky for unexpected things.

Zhougong Stock Market Dreams About Dried Fish

Dreaming of dried salted fish, the stock market hinted that if it is falling, hurry to buy will rise.

Dream Case Study of Dried Fish

Description of the dream: I dreamed that a very dry and very dry fish was released and placed in the fish tank, and it was alive!

Dreamland analysis: Dreaming that the resurrection of dried fish is a lucky sign, it means that you have repeatedly restored your vitality, indicating that the bad situation will improve, and the difficulties will be resolved. The patient dreamed that the body was about to recover.