Dreaming of a boar that looks fat and big indicates that changes in business will promote the prosperity of the business, and the transaction will be very safe.

Dreaming of a thin boar indicates a big headache, or troubles from the nanny and the child.

Dreaming of feeding your own boar means that your current wealth will continue to increase.

Dreaming that you are buying and selling boars means that as long as you work hard, you will accumulate considerable wealth.

Hearing the howling of the boar in the dream indicates bad news from a friend from afar, or indicates the depression and depression caused by death. The treatment of important issues failed to achieve the expected results.

Dreaming of a boar falling into the water is a bad omen. If things are handled carelessly, there may be disasters. You have to be especially careful these days.

Many dream boar, indicates that your family will be some happy event, or news of a variety of recognition, but the family could someone have children children.

To dream that the house is full of boars is a good dream, symbolizing a good harvest and foreshadowing that the dreamer will make breakthroughs in all aspects of life.

Dreaming of a lot of boars walking around indicates that you will be a lucky star in the near future, doing things well, and easily succeeding.