Yellow pheasant is a kind of fish, which symbolizes wealth.

  Dreaming of sturgeon, good luck, life will be happy.

  Pregnant women dream of eating catfish and they will be healthy.

  The patient dreamed of eating catfish and his body would soon heal.

  Dreaming about Huang Yan, heralded that his income and wealth will continue to increase, and there will be new improvements in work.

  Dreaming of catching the yellow lotus indicates that there will be good luck and things in front of you, for your choice.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams :

  Dreamy catfish. Losing everything in goodness and softness is detrimental and unhelpful. Righteousness fails to be clear, chance or perfect. It's better to ask and investigate, and to hide the evil and promote the good, then there will be no disaster. Mysterious Dreams

  Nightmare fish (鳝, good homonym). The main move is to reform and quit killing. The villain dreams, the main appetite. "Secret Secretary"

  Nightmare fish. For those who dream of catfish, the Lord has a kind heart to give birth, to give up and to kill, to worship the religion of the future, there must be good people, to change the good, and to recite the book of Confucius as auspicious. If a villain or an unscrupulous person dreams of this, and his appetite for appetite, he cannot curb evil and promote good. Mysterious Dreams