Dream of water mink, warning you to control selfish or greedy, but also that you might have to face a heavy workload, reducing the rest.

  Dreaming of being bitten by a mink, there are women who want to disturb you and be entangled. Be careful not to be fooled.

  Dreaming of mink drilled out of the hole and strung me, a hidden sexual dream. The burrow symbolizes the vagina. Marten symbolizes the male reproductive organs.

  Dreaming that the mink was wrapped around his neck meant that although it was a good fortune, his mind was clear and flexible, but his action was a bit reckless, and it took a little careful day. Before doing anything, you must do a detailed investigation, but once you have determined your goals, don't focus on them and focus on your goals.

  Dreaming that the mink came out of the cage and rushed to me, representing that the secret was exposed or the hidden conflict was made public.

  The migrant workers dreamed of mink, and their working status was looser, and they might have slipped away. If you can restrain yourself from continuing your efforts, luck is good.

  Dreaming that the mink spoke, it indicates that there may be a hiding of a villain nearby, or it may represent a deep secret hidden in your mind.

  The dream of a fetus is a good sign, and it has been dreamed many times that your future child will be rich and noble.