Zhou Gong Xiemeng Dreamed of Crane Fairy Crane

The main name of Xianhe is Xiangrui. Xianhe's neck is very long, a proud look, symbolizing the fame of people.

Dreaming of cranes is a good thing, symbolizing health and longevity or gaining fame; it also means that the immediate troubles are coming to an end, and blessings are caused by disasters, and dangers are eliminated.

The dream cranes are paired in pairs and amphibious flying, indicating that the couple is loving.

Dreaming of the crane group indicates that you are lucky and happy. WWW @ .dreamsmeaning.org

Dreaming of a single crane is not auspicious, indicating that dreamers may lose their spouses.

The woman dreamed that the fairy crane flew into her arms, indicating that she would be pleased.

The students dreamed of fairy cranes, indicating that they could be admitted to the ideal school and achieve academic success.

The businessman dreamed of the fairy cranes, which foreshadows that through steady and steady fights, he will gradually accumulate and obtain rich profits.

Dreaming that Baihe is flying in the air, it means that your fortune is getting better, and maybe you will also receive a gift from a loved one or an elder.

The appearance of Heli and Songbai together in Mengli heralds your health and longevity.

Hearing cranes in your dreams heralds your prosperity.

Dreaming that you are sitting on a crane flying, foretells that you will get unexpected promotion.

Dreaming that the crane flew away and disappeared away, indicating that there might be accidental death of children.

Dreaming of the cranes flying into her arms, implying that you will be pleased with your son. Congratulations!

Dreaming of a crane driving, it implies that in reality you are in a dispute and you want to solve things by force. This is very ridiculous, and I urge you to let go of this idea as soon as possible.

Dreaming of flying fairy cranes heralded the coming of fortune, which is a good dream of great luck.

The widow dreamed of fairy cranes, and would keep alive for the dead husband.

The students who are   about to take the exam dream of the fairy crane, indicating that their exam results will be very good, and they are on the list.

The original version of Zhou Gong's dream

In the arms of the crane people, your son is born. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Whoever releases the crane, the Lord gains wealth and good luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Crane drove the car, and the main expedition. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

There is a calamity in the sky above the crane. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The crane driver, the Lord Lu arrives. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream White Crane, Daji. The crane is a high-clean thing, and it is the clothing of a gentleman. The resident dreams of this, to the third public; the home dreams of this, and lives more than a hundred years old; the pregnant dreams of this, and the Lord has a noble child born, which is expected to show glory. Mysterious Dreams

Meng He flew away, fierce. There will be female custody in the home. Mysterious Dreams

Meng He casts her arms, and the virgin is born. Dreaming of a female crane, the owner is a beautiful woman, but not alive. "Secret Secretary"

Dream of driving cranes into the sky. The Lord has a fairy edge. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of white cranes. An ordinary person dreams and lives for more than a hundred years; a pregnant woman dreams, the Lord has a noble son, and is expected to be glorious; a cultivator dreams, the Lord has a heaven immortal, and is expected to become feathered. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of Baihe in the hall, there is funeral. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

I dreamed of riding a white crane and got the immortal road. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of Minghe, he will travel far. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of Xuanhuanghe. Those who have parents dream of it, and their parents live long. The cultivator dreams, the Lord has true immortals to cross, and daylight soars. "Secret Secretary"

Dream struck the crane, and Lord Ji. The old man dreams of this, and the blessing comes; the literati dreams of this, and he must match the prince. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Xuanhe Yellow Crane, Ji. The crane is 500 years old and yellow, and the Chitose is black. The person who dreams of this is the long-term Ruizheng, and the Lord has a long life. Mysterious Dreams

He Mingming, Lu was a big show. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Those who see fairy cranes are all lucky. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychology Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Birds in dreams symbolize fantasy, thoughts, and ideas, and these must be revealed without restraint. As early as non-Christian times, people became interested in birds and flying. People used to think that the bird was the conveyer of the soul, and it had the corresponding magic and divine power.

Psychoanalysis: Birds in dreams express human needs, that is, to give objects and creatures other than your own human characteristics. Birds in cages may imply restrictions and wisdom. A free-flying bird represents thoughts and desires, and may also represent a mind rising to the height of a fairy. A particularly gorgeous bird feather symbolizes your appearance and shows how and how you see yourself. The flock of birds without direction reflects the physical or physical observance of opposition to spiritual requirements. Sometimes the bird can represent the female, free side of existence. Gold-winged birds and fire have the same representative meaning, and thus symbolize spiritual thoughts. The bird soaring at high altitude symbolizes the part of spiritual awareness or your pursuit of knowledge. In men's dreams, birds represent animal nature. In a woman's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self.

Crane: It is a symbol of a new life and a new beginning.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul.

Case Study of Dreaming Crane Fairy Crane

Dreamland description: Among the birds, the Chinese prefer the fairy crane, giving it many beautiful meanings: such as Songhe Yannian and Hefa Tongyan. Once I dreamed about the cranes, some of them were playing by the water, some were catching food, and their lives were fun. (Female, 34 years old)

Dreamland analysis: If the dream crane is living in groups or amphibious, it means good luck and good luck. The students dreamed of the cranes, indicating success in their studies, and the gold-ranked title; the merchants dreamed of the cranes would get certain economic benefits, but the process of making profits was slower. Dreaming of amphibious cranes, showing love between husband and wife.