Dreaming of beating a dog means that you will doubt those who are loyal to you because of your own fault. If you do something wrong, don't put the blame on others, you must first find the reason from your own body, so that you can get along with others more harmoniously and friendly; otherwise, you will become rebellious.

To dream of hitting your own dog indicates that you will have doubts about people around you because of the faults of others or yourself.

To dream of hitting someone else’s dog or wild dog indicates that your career will be hindered and stagnated for a period of time.

To dream of others hitting your dog indicates that you will lose friends.

Dreaming of others playing wild dogs indicates that you will make a fortune.

An unmarried man dreams of someone hitting a dog indicates that his career will improve recently, but he needs to wait for a while to make a profit.

To dream of killing a dog. In the original meaning of Dreamsmeaning Book , a dog symbolizes loyalty or a friend. Killing a dog means that you will betray your friend and do something sorry for your friend.

To dream that your friend killed the dog indicates that your friend will do something sorry for yourself, which may cause damage to your property.

The businessman dreamed of beating the dog to death, indicating that he would be unscrupulous for some purpose, and eventually betrayed his relatives.

The student dreamed of beating the dog to death, and refused to pay attention to many places that need to be studied. The academic performance will decline due to recent laziness.

The clerk dreamed that he killed the dog because he had promised other people what conditions, and could not accomplish something according to his own wishes, and the plan of cooperating with others would fail.

The patient dreamed that he killed the dog. Recently, it is easy for things to go wrong because of the illness. Therefore, it is easy to irritate others and bring some skin injuries.

A pregnant woman dreams of killing her dog, she may encounter some difficulties during the birth process, so she needs to be in a good state at all times in her daily life.