Zhou Gong interprets dreams and dreams about bird eggs

  Dreaming of a bird's egg is not a good dream. Because it foreshadows that in the near future, you will cause the villain's malicious slander because of some trivial things. You are in a state of fire, but you have nowhere to sue and feel guilty.

  Dreaming of hatching eggs indicates that you will be subject to some personal attacks, and it may also cause lawsuits and is very troublesome.

  I dreamed that there were broken eggs in the bird's nest, and they would be poor and lead a hard life.

  Businessmen dream of bird eggs, indicating that your business is very good, will be favored by everyone, and be able to make a fortune.

  Students dream of bird eggs, the first explanation is that you are a naughty mischief in the class, and may soon be criticized and educated by the teacher.

  Pregnant women dream of bird eggs, which indicates that your baby will be very naughty in the future, and may not be easy to bring, and must work from education since childhood.

  The employee dreams of a bird's egg, which indicates that you are not very well-connected in the company and may be rejected by everyone. You should learn to deal with interpersonal relationships yourself.

  Dreaming of eating bird eggs indicates that your life is very good, you can get what you want, and you are greatly satisfied in material terms.

  Dreaming that the bird's egg is broken, this dream indicates that you have been frustrated recently and have financial difficulties. You have to watch your wallet every day to live.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Eggs

  Description of the dream: Dreaming of bird eggs, it looks like the eggs are broken out of the shell, picking up with your hands and afraid of being broken, walking around, and then seeing the bird eggs, I keep watching and see many bird eggs.

  Dreamland analysis: dreaming of a broken shell egg indicates a poor life.