Dreaming of a toad covered with warts, it symbolizes those dark impulses in your subconscious.

  The appearance of a toad in a dream is usually not a good thing, and indicates that you will suffer frustration.

  Dreaming of a toad means that you will experience an unfortunate adventure.

  A woman dreaming of a toad indicates that her reputation and popularity will be troubled and tangled by the scandal.

  Dreaming of killing the toad indicates that your judgment has affected the course of the matter and will invite a severe rebuke.

  Dreaming of touching a toad. Some actions that indicate your unconsciousness will accelerate your friend's progress towards decline.

  Dreaming of toads or toads crying and jumping, this is a sign of someone who is about to frame you and put you in trouble.

  Dreaming of toads eating the sun or the moon, incumbents will soon be promoted to a raise.

  Students (or those who are studying) dream of toads and will make rapid progress.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream toad. Dao Liu dreams, the Lord will become immortal. "Secret Secretary"