Deer has a feminine image, elegant, delicate, innocent and somewhat shy. Dreaming about a giraffe usually means that you may be in a good atmosphere of life, without danger, a wealthy life, peace and tranquility, or an honest and pure heart in love with people and happy love.

  Dreaming of a herd of deer indicates that your life is peaceful and peaceful, auspicious and happy.

  When a woman dreams of a deer, it means that you have the desire to return to your youth in your heart.

  Dreaming that a deer is killed by a hunter or an animal indicates that your reason is in danger of being destroyed by instinct.

  Dreaming of killing a deer heralds you will be persecuted by the enemy.

  The farmer dreamed of killing the deer, indicating a bad harvest,

  The businessman dreamed of killing the deer, indicating a business failure.

  Dreaming of a deer coming to you may indicate that you will accidentally get the legacy of your relatives.

  Dreaming of a group of deer's peacefulness and harmony, symbolizing all the wishes and peace.

  Dreaming of a lot of deer together, or drinking water by the river, means that you have a sincere and kind character and are trusted by everyone. A malicious attack or a provocative act against you or a conspiracy against you will naturally fail. Don't worry too much.

  Dreaming of a giraffe shows that you have high goals and will keep pursuing them. Don't be discouraged if your current job or academic performance is not satisfactory.

  The man dreamed of the giraffe, expressing his ambitions, being innovative and enterprising in his work, and achieving outstanding results.

  A woman dreams of a giraffe, showing that you are a gentle and caring person and that you will have a healthy and cute baby.

  Dreaming of feeding deer to feed, foretells your good fortune in the near future, and there will be a breakthrough in your relationship. If you are interested in someone, you might as well confess and start the pursuit.

  Dreaming that the deer was killed, wake you up, beware of being deceived, and your money will be damaged.

  Dreaming that the deer is lost indicates that you will suffer.

  Dreaming of a deer in your home indicates that you will be promoted.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Seeing the deer, the Lord made a fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The deer was killed and the Lord lost his fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Dream hit the soil into a deer, Daji. Dreams never go bad. Mysterious Dreams

  Those who dream of white deer have saintly art. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a deer, standing in office. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dream deer. Dreaming of deer, the Lord is rich; dreaming of deer, the Lord is poor. Menglu is born, but she is in existence; Menglu is dead, but she is dead. Unhappy. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream deer. The deer who dreams is rich, and the deer who dreams is poor. The deer lives, the deer dies, the good and bad are bad, and the dream is upset. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream of eating deer preserves. There are signs of success. The God of Dreams is given Tian Lu, and those who dreamed are divided into kings. Lu Hou, a total eater of dreams, Lu thin, a solitary one. There is no end to food, there is more to eat. Mysterious Dreams

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: Animals in dreams represent parts of character that can only be understood intuitively. Animals with cubs are a symbol of motherhood and motherhood. Cubs show that you care about your innocent part or the children around you. Wounded cubs indicate that you may notice difficulties in your maturity or acceptance. Dreaming of animals being eaten may symbolize the "devil" you created, and only when you "eat" them can you conquer them. Animals that resemble fairy, talking, daunting, or clever animals symbolize that animals do not know the power of their own creation. They do not resist this power, because their wisdom is pure and simple. It is important to note the tolerance and tolerance of animals in fairy tales and dreams, because you have to establish a connection with this aspect of yourself. The helpful animal symbolizes how the subconscious creates those helpful images deep inside. These animal figures make you happy to receive help. Taming a beast or training it to be a useful animal shows your instinct to try to suppress and make good use of it. If you dream of finding a place to hide from the beast, you have an instinct to fight against dangerous and harmful animals in your life. You have to think about whether you are acting properly.

  Psychoanalysis: If you notice your urgent psychological needs, animals that symbolize these needs appear in your dreams.

  Spiritual symbolism: There is a strict hierarchy in deer and reindeer herds. Therefore, this dream means that you recognize your place in the world. The deer also symbolizes pride and noble thoughts.