Dreaming of reindeer indicates that you will faithfully fulfill your obligations. Even when your friends are in adversity, you will still be sincere to help them.

Dreaming of driving reindeer indicates that you will be very painful for a while, but friends will take care of you.

Dreaming of a gentle and lovely reindeer indicates that I am longing for a more warm and peaceful pastoral life in my heart.

A woman dreams of a reindeer shows that she is a gentle, caring person and will have a healthy and lovely baby.

A man dreams of a reindeer indicates that he has high demands on himself, so he can continue to innovate and achieve excellent results in his career.

Dreaming of feeding reindeer, you have good luck in love. In the dark, the signal of assassination has been sent out. So don't hesitate any longer and launch an offensive aggressively and boldly towards the person you like.

To dream of reindeer walking into your yard will receive active assistance from powerful people and gain fame and status.