Turtles give people a firm, ordinary impression, but also a symbol of longevity and wealth, which means good luck.

  Dreaming of turtles crawling into the house indicates that you will get a fortune or increase your income.

  A man dreams of a turtle, which indicates that his career is prosperous and good luck will come.

  A woman dreams of a turtle, indicating her future status of dignity and ease of life.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dreaming of turtles, they will have officials. The Book of Dreams

  Dreaming of turtles is loved. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming about turtle turtles getting started, big riches. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Case Study of Dreaming of Turtle

  Dream description: Female, it's almost three months pregnant . I lost a child last year. Last night I dreamed of a woman who brought a big turtle and some small turtles to sell. I persuaded the release. The women seemed to ask me to buy them for 400 yuan. I do n’t know why we did n’t buy them first. It seems that I went back to get the money or I was a bit afraid. While eating, my dad also took a bite, and then had another dream and dreamed that he had caught a catfish, was bitten, and did not bleed. What does this dream herald, and what do I need to do? Buy some releases or what, if you ca n’t see what you ca n’t buy, can you please ask someone to donate some release money in the temple, please give guidance from the master, thank you! I think the master can see and provide me some help as soon as possible. Before the child fell off last year, I also dreamed that a red panda was my child. He was in danger but I didn't save him. Is this dream different? I still like to burn incense and worship the Buddha. Hope this dream is a symbol of good luck, Amitabha!

  Master Interpretation of Dreams: Dream Turtles, Lord Yuji, Turtles and Catfishes also symbolize health and good luck. Your father drank turtle soup in a dream, suggesting that his body may have problems. His constitution is not as good as before. He should pay attention to diet.