Dreaming of a greyhound is a good dream.

Dreaming of a greyhound following a young girl indicates that you will be surprised to find a legacy from someone you didn't know before.

To dream that the Greyhound is you, indicates that you thought you met an enemy, but you did not expect it to be a friend.

The prisoner dreams of a greyhound and will soon be free.

A businessman dreams of a greyhound will find his ideal partner.

A single person dreams of a greyhound, the love fortune is a bit lost in romance. In the process of communication, you often find that the other person is not as good as you imagined, or find that love itself is not as good as you expect, and it is inevitable to be disappointed and frustrated.

Dreaming of a greyhound chasing, you will have very keen intuition, such as betting with others to win more and lose less, etc.

The student dreams of a greyhound chasing, and the recent test results are good this time, if you slack off, the next time it will be worse.

The unemployed dream of greyhound chasing, the main financial luck is poor.

A woman dreams of a greyhound chasing it indicates that she has the opportunity to travel. The journey will be full of fun and it is possible to make new friends.

Dreaming of a little greyhound means that your friend's luck will rise and you will make close friends.

The businessman dreamed of a little greyhound, and his finances gradually improved.

Candidates dream of a little greyhound, indicating good test results.

Those who are preparing to take the exam dream of a little greyhound. He has good grades, but he must continue to work hard.

A manual worker dreams of a small greyhound, the main body is weak, and a slightly irritating diet will cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Resistance is also weak, so you should urge yourself to strengthen exercise to improve immune system function.