Dreaming of hens laying eggs and fetal dreams, there will be children soon.

  The woman dreamed that the hen lays an egg, which indicates that she will soon become pregnant .

  Candidates dream of hens laying eggs, indicating a good test score.

  The staff member dreamed that the hens laid eggs, indicating that your fortune is not good, engaged in the catering industry, and the public utilities are OK.

  An unmarried woman dreams that a hen lays an egg, which means she is getting married .

  The man dreamed that the hen would lay an egg, indicating that he would marry a wife and have children.

  Married men dream of chickens laying eggs, and the omen have the opportunity to travel and get benefits.

  The pregnant woman dreamed that the hen laid an egg, which was a sign of having a son .

  The pregnant woman dreamed that the chickens hatched from the eggs , reflecting your psychological desire to hope that the pregnancy will be smooth and successful, and that they will be able to have a successful birth and have a healthy and healthy baby.

  Dreaming that a hen can both lay eggs and incubate chicks means that in a dream, life is at ease and business is successful.