The coyote symbolizes all kinds of things that you fear in your heart. Especially if you think it is "best", offensive, and destructive. Maybe your fear is irrational or the result of instinctive suppression from childhood traumatic experiences (such as Electra, Oedipus complex). The coyote symbolizes the fear of male sex in women's dreams, which is the so-called "pervert".

Dreaming of a coyote means that your career will not go well, you are disappointed, and your companions do not understand you at all.

If someone in love dreams of a coyote, the two sides will quarrel endlessly.

Dreaming of a coyote attacking you indicates that people who do nothing wrong will slander your reputation.

A married woman dreamed of a coyote breaking into her home, indicating that she would give birth to a yin and yang child or a debilitating offspring.

Dreaming of hitting a coyote means excessive indulgence and sickness.

A woman dreams of a coyote coming towards her means she has a strong desire.

The girl dreamed of a coyote coming towards her, she would marry a weak man.