Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of fish swimming in water

  Dreaming of a lot of colorful fish swimming in the water, which indicates that you have recently arrived with wealth, you must pay attention to seize the opportunity.

  Dreamed that many fish were swimming in the water and wanted to catch the fish but couldn't catch it. Foreshadow the difficulties in recent work will turn around, but it will take more effort to pay off.

  Dreamed that there were several big fish swimming in the water, catching the fish and catching the big fish in one fell swoop. Congratulations, this kind of dream is a very good dream, and there will be an unexpected fortune recently. Try buying a lottery ticket.

  The woman dreamed that the beautiful fish was swimming in the water, and gradually swam towards herself, catching it when she reached out her hand. This is a fetal dream. It may be pregnant !

  Dreaming about the school of fish swimming is a career success. After a development momentum like a boat sailing along the river, the wealth has greatly increased.

  Dreaming of a school of fish swimming in the water suggests that the dreamer will be lucky.

  Dreaming of fish swimming, you will have unexpected income. Uncle is of course happy to buy things for his uncle , but the uncle unexpectedly rewards you with a sum of money and so on.

  A woman dreams that fish swim in the water and her movements are restricted by her husband.

  Dreaming of a whale spraying water means that a new love will be born. You and her matchmaker are a book, and maybe the first place they met was either the library or the bookstore.

  I dreamed that the cuttlefish would have a big failure in swimming and behavior. Gas was accidentally released in the corridor, but it was unexpectedly loud and noticed by everyone. Mostly this kind of awkward thing.

  Dreaming of fish swimming in the pond, friend luck worsened. Two of a group of good friends were confronted by quarrels. As a result, a group of friends split into two factions. It's not so easy to get it right.

  Dreaming that many fish swim in the water shows that you desire freedom and yearn for all good things.