Dream carving symbolizes honor and glory.

  Dreaming of shooting the big vulture, foreshadows remarkable achievements in life or work, and will be praised and recognized by everyone.

  Dreaming of the big eagle falling to the ground indicates that his reputation may be tarnished.

  Dreaming of the big eagle, it means that some of your recent troubles will be resolved, focus on doing one thing, and success will soon come.

  Dreaming of the great vulture taking off implies that you have entered a higher, more spiritual, or more detached state. This dream also implies that you have ambitions, and ambitious people can often succeed, and with courage, you can reach the top position. In addition, this dream may also suggest that you are liberated from a situation of oppression.

  The old man dreamed that the big eagle was flying, and the omen had a chance to travel. There might be a disaster. It is best to cancel it.

  Those who do business dream of flying great eagles.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream carving in the clouds. In the cloud, it is the image of Gao Feiyuan. Scholars dream of this and have a bright future; any official dreams of this and their lofty achievements; the executive dreams of this and their masters are magnificent. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream Shooting Eagle, Daji. The literati dreamed, the talent of leaning on horses, the top; the martial arts had the courage to capture the tiger, the jazz divided. Dream of everything, fame and fortune. Mysterious Dreams