Dream cow horses in droves, lucky blue.

Dreaming of horses means that all troubles in life will be solved.

The businessman dreamed of horses, indicating that there will be gains soon.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream of horses running along, all stocks in the stock market will oscillate together. Horses walking towards the hills are a sign of a high rise, and running on a hill or slope is a sign of a decline.

Case analysis of dreaming about horses

Dream description: I dreamed of a group of red horses in the sky. I was talking to people on horseback. One of them was a little boy . I wanted me to play with him. I was afraid to lie to him to hide and seek. Let him hide and I ran and went downstairs. I slipped down the stair railing, but in the end let him find it, and then he told me how to get to him. When I got to him, I became a child as old as him, five or six years old!

Dream analysis: dreaming of horses means that the troubles in life are wiped out. In the dream, you and the little boy are hide-and-seek, but you design to escape , which means that your interpersonal relationship is not enough, and you have realized that the human face should be required. It's more broad, so you have to work hard to improve.