Dreaming of the little bull means that if you are threatened by the enemy, your friends will be with you. It also means that you are in good health.

Dreaming of a little bull, you will be pampered by the people around you and win a loyal heart.

The business man dreamed of the little bull and expressed the profit of the sale.

The man in love dreams of the little bull and combines happiness with his partner.

Dreaming of the little bull is pitiful, and the end result is generally happy, but it may take a difficult process to get the goal.

Dreaming of a strong and fat little bull is an auspicious sign, indicating a fortune. If it is a fetal dream, it is an auspicious sign of your child.

Dreaming of white bulls indicates that their living standard will be a higher level than those who are pursuing material interests, and this dream indicates harvest.

Dreaming that the little bull is hitting people, he should not use other people's property, unfortunately he will suddenly attack on himself.

Dreaming of the little bull chasing himself indicates that career troubles will arise because of competitors' jealousy.