Dreams meaning Book dreams of white butterflies

The white butterfly is light and beautiful, symbolizing the spiritual life of people.

To dream of white butterflies flying in the flowers means that you will live a happy life and that joy will happen.

Dreaming of white butterflies with broken wings means that because of disappointment, you have lost confidence in your life, lost your business, got sick, and are troubled by sorrow.

To dream of a white butterfly falling on your head or hat will result in you being promoted to three levels or becoming a millionaire because of your excellence.

Dreaming of catching white butterflies means that your beloved girl will marry yourself.

But if the white butterfly in hand flies away again, it means that she will marry someone else.

To dream of becoming a white butterfly dancing in the air indicates that you will become famous for doing your work well or publishing excellent works.

Dreaming of flying white butterflies means that there is a happy event at home, and that you will spend happy years with your family.

To dream of a white butterfly flying into the fire, a frustration or losing to a competitor in the middle of the event, is a sign of frustration.

To dream of watching white butterflies flying in the air requires nerves on things related to the opposite sex, especially when facing embarrassment due to the other party’s romance.

To dream of the death or injury of the white butterfly, ominous signs on his wife, or signs of conflict with the person who is supporting her.

To dream of falling while catching a white butterfly means that energy and materials are spent to realize absurd ideas.

To dream of white butterflies flying in the garden, something happy happens.

A girl dreams of white butterflies, she will marry a rich and wishful man.

The student dreamed of white butterflies, indicating that the recent exam is not satisfactory and needs to work harder.

To dream of a white butterfly cracking means that you are in good health and will become healthier and healthier.

A man dreams of a white butterfly, he may make new friends, but he must be cautious to prevent being deceived.

The job seeker dreamed of a white butterfly, the job hunting is not good, because he is pessimistic and thankful, but he has no enthusiasm.

The old man dreamed of white butterflies and was out of luck. It is manifested in the equal emphasis on responsibility and ideals, a little powerless, and a little frustration. You should do what you can to turn the crisis into peace.

The unmarried person dreams of white butterflies, indicating that the relationship is stable and warming up, communicate with each other more, let the other party know you better, suitable for discussing career problems.

Young people dream of white butterflies, implying that more attention is needed in health. It will cause rashes due to environmental reasons, especially the digestive system. Pay attention to the details of diet.

Psychological interpretation of dreams of white butterflies

Dream interpretation: The white butterfly in the dream symbolizes happiness and freedom.

Psychoanalysis: If you see a white butterfly in your dream or feel that you have turned into a white butterfly, it means that you find that you are not capable of setting up a family and doing a job that is time-consuming and laborious.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the white butterfly in a dream or meditation symbolizes the liberated soul on the one hand, and the immortality of life on the other hand.