Vulture Lord disaster. Vultures have a fierce temperament, so they symbolize disaster in their dreams.

  Dreaming of a vulture, disaster will come. Be careful about everything.

  Dreaming of a vulture, implying that your opponent will create a disaster for you to fight you. So be careful.

  Dreaming of vultures fighting , a car accident will occur on the way out , but they can escape from the dead. It is recommended to travel as far as possible.

  Dreaming of vultures flying, suggesting that disaster will come. It is best to keep a low profile in life and work in the near future, so that it may avoid the disaster.

  Dreaming of a vulture landing on a tree is a sign that you can drop your opponent. So boldly carry out your work, no one can hinder you.

  Dreaming of shooting vultures is a sign of prosperity, meaning that all difficulties will pass.

  Dreaming of a vulture flying overhead, this is an ominous sign, implying that a loved one will soon die, or be seriously ill. Love yourself and the people around you.

  Dreaming of a vulture indicates that you have unfortunately provoked a thug. He is determined to hurt you, and he must put you to death; unless you dream that you see a vulture injured or dead, you will not escape this disaster.

  The woman dreamed of the vulture, foretelling that she would face and deal with the sky-high and horrifying rumors about herself.

  Zhougong Stock Market

  Dream of paying attention to the best good stocks. The vulture in dreams flew up, indicating that prices would rise; landing would indicate that prices would fall.