Vultures dominate disasters. Vultures have a fierce temperament, so they symbolize disaster in their dreams.

Dreaming of vultures means disasters will come. Be careful in everything.

Dreaming of a vulture implies that your opponent will create disasters for you to hit you. So be careful.

Dreaming of vultures fighting , there will be a car accident on the way out , but you can escape. It is recommended to travel as little as possible.

To dream of a vulture flying in a dream implies that disaster will come. It is best to keep a low profile in life and work in the near future, so that you may be able to avoid disasters.

Dreaming of a vulture falling on a tree indicates that you can bring down your opponent. So start your work boldly, no one can stop you.

Dreaming of shooting a vulture is a good omen, which means that all difficulties will pass.

To dream of a vulture flying over your head is an ominous sign, implying that a loved one will pass away soon, or is seriously ill. Love yourself and the people around you.

Dreaming of a vulture indicates that you unfortunately provoke a mob. He is determined to hurt you, he must put you to death; unless you dream of seeing the vulture being injured or dying, you will not escape this disaster.

A woman dreams of a vulture indicates that she will face and cope with rumors and rumors about herself.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream that you should pay attention to the best stocks. The vulture in the dream flies up, indicating that the price will rise; landing means that the price will fall.