Dreaming of a big crow indicates bad luck and unfavorable environment.

If a young woman dreams of a big crow, it implies that her sweetheart will betray her.

A businessman dreams of a big crow, indicating that his fortune is depleted, he must protect his belongings, manage his consumption budget, and avoid unnecessary losses.

Already married lovers dream raven, indicates that feelings have gaps, but if not properly resolved, then make a complete breakdown of their feelings, if both sides do not want to regret therefore regret it, and the other requires good communication.

Dreaming of catching a big crow means that you can defeat the enemy and drive away bad luck.

Dreaming of killing a big crow means that good luck spreads frequently and you have completely got rid of the trouble of bad luck.

To dream of a big crow flying means that there will be opponents in all aspects.

Dreaming of a big crow flying in a circle will lead to problems in interpersonal relationships.

To dream of a big crow flying over one's head indicates that there will be a violent conflict with the enemy and the hardships.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Catch crows and win the battle. Dreamsmeaning Book

Whoever sees the crow, the Lord loses money. Dreamsmeaning Book

Meng Ciwu feeds back, good luck. Tzuwu and filial piety are also filial piety. Those who dream of this, the Lord has sons of benevolence and filial piety, who endeavor to support them; the virtuous daughter, give her all the gifts to Ning. The old man is safe, the young man is smooth. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of a white-necked crow. The poor get rich, and the aggrieved get free. A pregnant woman dreams of a filial son. The main omen of the patient. If there are mourners, the Lord is a good omen. Secretary of Broken Dreams

The dream body turns into black, and everything is done. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream of eating crow meat, good luck. The main calamity is eliminated, the disease is healed, the official litigation is resolved, the right and wrong are reconciled, and the ominous things go away without any intrusion. Menglin Xuanjie

The title of Dream Crow is in front of the court. This dream is more ugly than good. The crow is a different kind of bird, and if the title is in front of the court, it will be a blessing for the family, and use this to predict. According to what you hold, good things should be good, and evil things should be bad. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming crows peck at one's intestines. The dreamer’s parents are in trouble, his offspring are regretful, his wife and child quarrel, and the neighbours have litigation. Menglin Xuanjie

Crows fly randomly in the smoke of dreams. The Lord is plagued by disasters and is a sign of right and wrong. Menglin Xuanjie

If the crow goes too far, it is the main thing. Dreamsmeaning Book

Crow eats locusts, you help. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The bird in the dream symbolizes fantasy, thought, and idea, and these contents must be revealed without restraint. As early as the non-Christian era, people became interested in birds and flying. People used to think that the bird was the conveyer of the soul, and it possessed corresponding magic and supernatural powers.

Psychoanalysis: The bird in the dream expresses human needs, that is, to give objects and creatures other than yourself with human characteristics. A bird in a cage may imply restriction and wisdom. Free flying birds represent longings and desires, and may also represent the mind that has risen to the height of gods. A particularly gorgeous bird feather symbolizes your appearance and expresses the way and attitude of how you see yourself. The flock of birds without direction embodies the confusion of physical or material observation that is opposed to spiritual requirements. Sometimes, birds can represent the female and free side of existence. Gold-winged bird and fire have the same representative meaning, so it symbolizes spiritual longing. The bird flying high above symbolizes spiritual enlightenment or the part of your pursuit of knowledge. In a man's dream, the bird represents animality. In a woman 's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self.

Traditionally, the crow in the dream is a warning to beware of death. It can also symbolize wisdom and scheming.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul.