The horse symbolizes the wild power of nature tamed by humans, and is also a strong expression of sexual desire, especially when riding it in a dream.

  Seeing horses in your dreams indicates that you will be well in the near future, and that you will be safe and sound. There will be no major ups and downs.

  Dreaming of a foal indicates that you will have good news. If the foal and mare are together, it also indicates that you will have great luck.

  Dreaming of riding a horse indicates that you will soon gain both fame and fortune, gain a high status, or indicate that the troubles in your heart will be resolved. In terms of sex, when you dream of riding a horse, you can feel the violent bumps immediately in your dream, which means that you have a strong sexual impulse and craving; if you ride on a wild horse, it means that you have enjoyed sex.

  Dreaming of urging horses to gallop means you will quickly succeed.

  Feeling very scared of horses in your dreams means that you may be worried about small mistakes in your work.

  Dreaming of falling off your horseback means that you have an enemy who is trying to defeat you. You must deal with it carefully, otherwise you will suffer huge losses and may even lose your reputation.

  Dreaming of a winged pegasus symbolizes the energy released from your inner growth or self-improvement, and your spiritual world is becoming increasingly rich.

  Dreaming of horses running towards you indicates that your career is successful or you can make a fortune.

  Dreaming of a horse hanging all over your body indicates that you are rich in food and clothing.

  The horse in your dream is right behind you, indicating that you will be honored, such as being awarded an honorary title.

  Dreaming of buying a horse indicates that you are about to get married.

  Dreaming of the horse following behind him, the dreamer will get more honorary titles;

  Dreaming of someone sending a horse to yourself, foreshadows that you will hold an important position in a strategic department.

  Dreaming of dressing horses may herald special tasks.

  Dreaming of feeding your horse water means that you have a low position, and you have to start from a low place and stand up to the grind.

  Dreaming of feeding horses with horses or washing horses foreshadows that you will soon have good opportunities, especially opportunities that are good for speculative business.

  Dreaming of horseshoes, or picking up horseshoes, indicates that you will get unexpected money, or achieve more than expected success.

  Dreaming of Ma Biaozi indicates that you may encounter misfortune. When going through the trough, friends will abandon you.

  Dream of being kicked by a horse and warn you not to be arrogant.

  Dreaming of a horse strike indicates that you will experience ups and downs in your work and may be in danger of being fired.

  Dreaming of a lot of horses indicates that you will become rich and rich.

  Dreaming of letting the horse go, or dreaming of the horse leaving you, indicates that you will squander the property that your ancestors accumulated.

  The man dreamed of riding a horse with his lover, foretelling marriage soon. The girl dreamed of riding a horse with her lover, indicating that the relationship may be obstructed by parents. A married woman dreaming of riding a horse with her husband indicates that the husband and wife live in harmony and the family is harmonious. The divorced woman dreamed of riding a horse with the opposite sex, indicating that a suitable man would soon be remarried.

  The patient dreamed of riding a horse, indicating that the body would be healthy.

  Dreaming of racing with many people indicates that friendship will deteriorate. You may have bad consequences due to stubborn personality, and some friends may leave you one after another. If you ca n’t change it, you will become very lonely.

  Dreaming of horses fighting is a sign that you may receive bad news about your friends.

  Dreaming of the horse entering the room is not a good thing, it indicates that you may have bad things like adultery.

  Dreaming of being bitten by a horse indicates that you may get an official position or promotion.

  Dreaming of buying and selling horses reminds you to be deceived by someone you trust.

  Seeing or riding a white horse in your dreams, suggesting that everything is conducive to success, and meeting friends and beautiful women who are like-minded; if the white horse is dirty and thin, your trust may be jealous of your friends or Some woman takes advantage of them and they will betray you.

  If the horse in your dream is black, your luck is very good, but you will deceive others and have sex with the opposite sex. For women, this dream signifies the husband's infidelity.

  Dreaming of black horses indicates that the general situation is good, but at the same time there will be many troubles and unhappiness. Usually after this dream, there will be a short period of happiness.

  Dreaming of riding a beautiful bay horse, expressing good luck and satisfaction. For a woman, her life will be better, and she will greatly enjoy material satisfaction.

  Seeing or riding a horse in a dream indicates a comfortable and comfortable life.

  Dreaming of riding an unruly horse, because of the stupidity of a friend or employer, your interests will be harmed.

  Dreaming of a horse running away like any other horse means that you will hear the news that your friend is sick.

  Dreaming of beautiful ponies foreshadows a successful and generous life, but you will indulge in a life of erotic indulgence.

  Dreaming about the breeding mare is a sign of peaceful coexistence, a sign that there is no jealousy between the lover and the wife (husband), and that they can live in peace.

  Dreaming of riding a horse across the river, good luck will soon come, you can enjoy the joy of life. If the river is muddy and rolling, the expected happiness will be replaced by disappointment.

  Dreaming of a clear and beautiful stream crouching on horseback, the happy life you desire will soon come. If you are a businessman, this dream means that you will get huge wealth.

  Dreaming of an injured horse heralds a friend's difficulties.

  Dreaming of a dead horse heralded all kinds of disappointment.

  Dreaming of riding on a horse, the horse suddenly jumped, indicating that your wishes will be difficult to achieve.

  Dreaming of the horse throwing you down, you will have a strong competitor, and your business will suffer some damage as a result.

  Dreaming of a horse kicking you indicates that you will be rejected by the one you love, and your fate will be in trouble because of deteriorating health.

  Dreaming of grabbing a horse, putting it on a halter and saddle, or equipping it with a harness, you will see that no matter what career you are engaged in, you will be very concise and no matter what occupation you are engaged in, you will flourish. But if you dream that you failed to catch the horse, fate will deceive you.

  Dreaming of spotted horses heralds gains from various sources.

  Dreaming of asking someone to give the horse a palm indicates that you will surely succeed. For women, this dream heralds the husband's excellence and loyalty.

  Dreaming that you gave a horse right away, it means that you will strive for wealth, but the source is likely to be suspicious.

  Dreaming of a lot of horse races indicates that you are tired of sensual life. For farmers, this dream foreshadows the delivery.

  Dreaming of riding a horse to participate in the competition, you will go to success and enjoy the beautiful moments of life.

  Dreaming of slaughtering horses, because of your selfishness, you will hurt friends.

  Dreaming of climbing on a horse without a saddle, you will gain wealth and a comfortable life through hard work.

  Dreaming of riding a horse without a saddle with other men, you will get the help of an upright person, and you will surely succeed. If you are riding with a woman, your desire will be romantic, and your success will not be as good as before, unless the woman is the woman you like in your heart.

  Dreaming of grooming a horse with a horse stable indicates that you will not neglect your business interests for frivolous pleasure.

  Dreaming of decorating a horse's mane or tail means that you will be an excellent financier or farmer. Literary workers will work hard, and people in other professions will be dedicated to taking care of their own careers.

  Dreaming of horses, you will accumulate wealth and enjoy life to the maximum.

  Dreaming that Mara is driving a car indicates that when you pursue wealth, you will encounter obstacles and love will not go well.

  Dreaming that you are riding a horse up the mountain indicates that you will have good luck. Although you have to fight against the enemy, you should be jealous of your people. If you and the horse reach the top of the mountain, it means that you will definitely have a steady improvement.

  The young girl dreamed of riding a dark horse, saying that her life would be interfered by wise men and authority. But at some moment she didn't expect her desire to be fulfilled. Dark horse heralds the expected delay in good luck.

  Dreaming of a horse with very soft legs means that inexplicable unhappiness will slowly accumulate in your heart. If you dream of strong horse legs, it is a good dream of auspiciousness.

  Dream of trying to repair a broken horseshoe because it is too small for a horseshoe, indicating that you will be prosecuted for deceiving an unsuspecting person.

  Dreaming of riding down the mountain, your career will make you very disappointed.

  If a young woman dreams of a friend riding behind her, she indicates that she will be supported and loved by many celebrities and successful people; if she is shocked by riding, she is likely to arouse her jealousy.

  If she dreams that after dismounting the horse, the horse becomes a pig, she insists on going alone and says she wants to enjoy her freedom, which makes her miss a decent marriage until finally she misses all opportunities to enter into a beautiful marriage; but later if Dreaming that the pig was passing gracefully along the wire, she said that she would improve her status by virtue of her charm.

  The young woman dreamed that she was riding a white horse down the mountain, and looked back from time to time, and saw that someone riding a dark horse was chasing her, indicating that she would have a period of time, both joy and success, Because a ruthless opponent is trying to cast a disappointment and a gloomy shadow on her life.

  Dream of a horse with a human body, rushing across the sky towards a small hill, and when it gradually approaches your house, he becomes a man, he walks towards your door, throws something at you, that thing It looks like plastic, but it quickly turns into a giant peak. This dream heralds the demise of hope, and you try to recover the valuable things you lost before, but in the end you get nothing.

  Dreaming that animals have human bodies indicates that dreamers can achieve great development, and that they will make new friends because of their humble attitude towards completely legitimate honor. If the Jewish body seemed stingy or spotty, it would indicate that the original plan would abort.

  Zhougong Stock Market

  Dreamed of Ma tied in the yard, the stock market is the time to stop falling and pick up, you can buy.

  Dreaming of the horses running in Mercedes-Benz, all stocks of the stock market will oscillate together. Horses walking towards the hills are a sign of high rise, and running on the hills or slopes is a sign of lowness.

  Dreaming of stables jewelry or goods, stock market finance, jewelry stocks will fall.

  Dreaming of a horse nearby, the stock market related to shipping and traffic will rise.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  The horse preparer, the Lord works far. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Kicked by the zebra, the main bad luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Bitten by a horse, there is Lu. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  When he is taken down, the Lord will be appointed. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  By white horse, the main disease goes. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The horse is fast, and the Lord is happy. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Running slowly on a horse, the master is fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Hit the horse, the main culprit, lose position. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  See Zebra, Lord is rich, Kyrgyzstan. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  See many horses, the Lord is rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  See riding, fame and fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Horse room, mastermind. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Behind the horse, there is honor. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The horse lost money. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  In front of Ma Wuting, the murder was dispersed. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Horses traveled thousands of miles, great joy. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Dreaming by horse crossing the water. This dream is a sign of good luck. If the dream comes to an end, you need to guard against changes. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream ride horse into the mountain, fierce. This dream is difficult for the rugged road, Mercedes Benz enters the valley, and returns. This dream is not a good sign. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream ride into the mountains. The dream is not a good sign, it is difficult to travel and there is no return date. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream of riding a horse in the rain and fold flowers. This is a good match after Deng Ke, the omen of returning home. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream has taken the horse into the cloud. This master took the road sign of cloud, and in the midst of difficulties and dangers, the dream was auspicious. "Secret Secretary"

  Dreaming of riding a white horse, there is a funeral. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a red horse, Wang Wenji is lucky; The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreamed of riding a dark horse, scattered money. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a yellow horse, tongue scattered. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a horse, getting rich, or traveling. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding together, will ask for things. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a horse, there is a celebration. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a purple horse, overjoyed. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of riding a horse, was mistaken. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of horses, Kyrgyzstan; The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of a horse travelling, the god of restlessness. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of horses, the master is fierce. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  I dreamed of a horse rider, far away. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of a horse, something urgent. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  The horse was hissing in the nightmare, the Lord had right and wrong. "Secret Secretary"

  Horse dance in the nightmare, the image of the main fire . "Secret Secretary"

  Dream horse, the Lord has a long way to go. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream horses come out, the Lord is a sign of long journey. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream horse stepped forward. The literati dreamed, Lu Weizhi; the warrior dreamed, the officials and the people got each other; the townspeople dreamed, when there was a government official; the patient dreamed, ominous. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream horses are stunned, the Lord has a message to. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream horse hissing, Kyrgyzstan. Someone in this dream has recommended it. The homeowner dreamed of this, and the host came to visit him. Take it where you hear hissing. Mysterious Dreams

  The dream horse has no head, and the Lord cannot die. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream horse dance, fierce. Woe to him who dreams of it. Dreaming of horses and dances ends, the evil is small, the Lord has a matter of tongues and tongues fighting; if the horses dance is not stopping, the Lord must have great troubles that are difficult to solve. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream horse dance, the Lord is on fire. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream horse in the clouds. The main sign is that the trip period and return date are undecided. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream riding around the city, Kyrgyzstan. The literati dreamed this, named the chief, and walked across the street; the warrior dreamed this, Ge Mingji moved, and walked the horse frontier. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream riding uphill. Main relocation and relocation, change of production and employment. The patient should not dream of it. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream four horses and six horses drive together, Kyrgyzstan. This dream is a sign of nobility. The impoverished have this dream, although it is not in trouble. This dream is like driving a car. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream four horses and six horses drive together. This is the sign of driving safely, although in the midst of poverty and affliction, it is still harmless. "Secret Secretary"

  Meng Wanma. This dreamer has a restless mind and complicated family affairs. You must wait quietly, and do not act lightly. Mysterious Dreams

  Meng Wanma. The person who dreams of this, the mind is restless, and the family is disturbed. It must be calm and calm, and do not act lightly, Nagy. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream Wash Horse. This dream is fierce. The profit seeker has this dream, and sees the calamity in the good place; Mysterious Dreams

  Dream child ride a horse. In a dream, when a child is riding on a horse from outside, the main male will be noble; when the child is riding on a horse out of the wind, the Lord is troublesome; Mysterious Dreams

  Dream drinking horse, Kyrgyzstan. This dreamer has everything he can do, and he has the support he needs, to be up and down, to benefit from each other, to be faithful and convinced. Mysterious Dreams

  Horse riding in dream boat. Signs of emergency. The dream was riding away in the boat. Meng took off immediately, disembarked, and landed on the shore. Dreaming in the boat to go ashore, the main danger is rare. The dream of riding a horse and jumping off the boat, not landing ashore, is a difficult and endless reason. You must get off the horse and not be a fierce horse; Mysterious Dreams

  Dream walk right away. This is a sign of difficulty first. Officials from the insurance company, Lu Ma Gao Gao, Shangbu from the profit surplus. It is fierce for a man to go up the mountain. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream walking on water. The Lord is frightened without evil. Those who hunted and drove the white deer to the water had their dreams. Mysterious Dreams

  Baptism and release are all good news. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The horse fell and the name of the Lord was destroyed. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The group of horses fled, and all the fierce were solved. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The horse-slayer, the lord will be defeated. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The horse was born in the house, and the male letter arrived. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The horse was born in the house, and the Lord was lucky. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Walking around, paperwork. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Sinners walk away, Ershiji. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: Animals in dreams represent parts of character that can only be understood intuitively. Animals with cubs are a symbol of motherhood and motherhood. Cubs show that you care about your innocent part or the children around you. Wounded cubs indicate that you may notice difficulties in your maturity or acceptance. Dreaming of animals being eaten may symbolize the "devil" you created, and only when you "eat" them can you conquer them. Animals that resemble fairy, talking, daunting, or clever animals symbolize that animals do not know the power of their own creation. They do not resist this power, because their wisdom is pure and simple. It is important to note the tolerance and tolerance of animals in fairy tales and dreams, because you have to establish a connection with this aspect of yourself. The helpful animal symbolizes how the subconscious creates those helpful images deep inside. These animal figures make you happy to receive help. Taming a beast or training it to be a useful animal shows your instinct to try to suppress and make good use of it. If you dream of finding a place to hide from the beast, you have an instinct to fight against dangerous and harmful animals in your life. You have to think about whether you are acting properly.

  Psychoanalysis: If you notice your urgent psychological needs, animals that symbolize these needs appear in your dreams.

  Spiritual Symbol: The horse symbolizes the energy available to you in your dreams. A white horse represents your spiritual awareness, and a brown horse represents your passion. The gray horse symbolizes death, and the winged horse symbolizes the soul's ability to eliminate worldly factors. If the horse in your dreams is tense or dying, it means that the various dynamic forces are severely weakened, and these powers are what you have under normal conditions-maybe you have been under stress for a long time. If the horse is quilted in front of the car, it means that you focus on what is good for you, or only care about what is good for you. If you dream of a camel, it symbolizes tame. If a woman dreams of being kicked by a horse, it may be a metaphor for animalism or her relationship with a man. Every horse that breaks through an obstacle is a common shadow that depresses many people. Horses carrying goods often symbolize the mother or mother's role model. Today, cars have largely replaced the symbol of horses (dream of cars, dream of travel).

  Case Study of Dreaming Horse

  [Dream Example 1]

  Dream description: I dreamed of riding a horse on the prairie. The beautiful prairie is boundless. I was sitting on horseback, looking at the rolling waves of the prairie and the sheep on the prairie, I could not help thinking of the poem of "the sky is dark, the sky is wild, and the wind and grass are low. (Male, 28 years old)

  Dreamland analysis: The horse in the dream is very auspicious and a symbol of wealth and success. Dreaming of a horse shows that you expect your efforts to be successful; dreaming of riding a horse indicates that soon you will have both fame and fortune. Dreaming of a pony means that you will hear a message that makes you very happy. Dreaming of galloping horses shows that you will succeed, and this time the success is beyond your imagination.

  [Dream Example 2]

  Dream description: There is an officer who will be transferred to the front line. At night, he dreamed that he was on the edge of a cliff, looking down at all the water. The road was very narrow, and half of the road was broken. He wanted to pass, but walked forward, and there were several horses pulling things in front of him to stop him; he walked backwards, and several horses stopped him. There was only a small alley on the left. He was scared. At this moment, many horses ran towards him, and he was awakened.

  Dreamland analysis: The steepness of the cliff that has been broken halfway can be imagined. This can fully reflect that the life of a dreamer is in a very urgent period. This period may be a turning point in the life of a dreamer, or it may be a critical period for the dreamer to break through the status quo, and the dreamer is eager to spend this period. In addition, under the cliff is nothing else, but water, which can indicate that dreamers have a certain confusion about the prospect, but this prospect may be bright. The horse symbolizes opportunities and challenges, and horses carrying goods rush to the dreamer before and after, implying that these opportunities and challenges cannot be avoided by the dreamer, and that these opportunities and challenges are positive and can help the dreamer escape from the current predicament. The alleys imply that dreamers have a hidden mind and escape from reality. This is not advisable, and they must face reality to succeed.