Dreaming of golden pheasant indicates that fortune will be rolling in, and you will have positive and windfall.

The unmarried dream of golden pheasant will find a partner.

A married dream of golden pheasant will have children.

When an official dreams of golden pheasant, he will be promoted.

The student dreamed of golden pheasant, indicating a great improvement in grades.

A pregnant woman dreams of golden pheasant, you will give birth to a very healthy baby, but the prerequisite is to have a good confinement, don't think about upsetting things, think more about things or do happy things.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Golden Pheasant Set Garden, Ji. The golden pheasant is like a brocade with text and color; in the garden, it is the image of living in peace. The official dream of this, the official to the third grade, should be the color of his service; the national examination dreams of this, the middle is in the unitary branch; the scholar dreams of this, the master writes a famous article. Menglin Xuanjie