Dreamsmeaning Book dreamed parrot

The parrot owner is incompetent. Parrots have bright feathers and are good at imitating people's speech, which symbolizes the incompetent people who follow the voice. Therefore, the parrot in the dream is sometimes a flashy, vain, but useless person around, who has an image in his sleep.

Dreaming of a parrot standing on the ground indicates that you will make useless partners. If the dream is a married woman , it means that the husband is a flashy and incompetent person.

A pregnant woman dreams of a parrot indicates that she is going to have a daughter.

Dreaming that a parrot is flying is a good thing, indicating that your current troubles or sorrows will become the past, and someone will make you smile.

Dreaming of flocks of parrots reminds you to be careful, you may encounter serious threats to your property and remind you to be cautious in investing.

To dream of a parrot falling on a tree means that you are unable to solve the problem at hand and fall ill because of anxiety and anxiety. Pay attention to good health, but also to be open-minded.

To dream of a parrot being locked in a cage indicates that you may encounter many resistances, but your competitors may have infighting, and you can benefit from it.

Dreaming of shooting a parrot or a cat catching a parrot indicates that you will defeat your opponent.

Dreaming of a dead parrot, respect your friend who is dishonest, and don't easily believe the bragging on his lips, so as not to be deceived.

To dream of giving someone a parrot indicates that you may be hated by others. It may be because of one of your shortcomings. Remind you to learn to reflect on yourself, not to be hated by others without knowing it.

Dreaming of buying a parrot indicates that you have to bear unreasonable financial pressure. You may need to pay off debts owed by your family or your parents.

Dreaming of selling parrots is a good thing, indicating that you will overcome obstacles and move forward smoothly.

Dreaming of raising parrots reminds you that some of your friends may be flashy and deceive for a living.

Dreaming of the chirping of a parrot indicates that work is sloppy, and friends also make irresponsible remarks.

Dreaming that a parrot is sleeping indicates that the family quarrel is becoming white-hot and temporarily calmed down.

The young woman dreamed that she had a parrot, indicating that her lover would understand that she was aggressive.

Dreaming of taming a parrot indicates that your personal affairs will be in trouble.

The original Dreamsmeaning Book dreams of a parrot

See parrots, the main benefactor. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream white parrot singing and dancing, Ji. Dream this must be kind and good, long fast and keep the precepts. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of a parrot indicates that the Lord is worried about the image of the dead. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream parrot rumors, the Lord has the worries of ingenious words. The dreamer must be self-cultivating and take precautions. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Raise parrots and make liars. Dreamsmeaning Book

Hepeng is in a group, and the master loses money. Dreamsmeaning Book

Parrot flying, the main auspicious. Dreamsmeaning Book

The parrot belongs to the human, the main tongue. Dreamsmeaning Book

Standing on the ground, make mediocre friends. Dreamsmeaning Book

The parrot fell from the tree, and the Lord became ill. Dreamsmeaning Book

The parrot is dead, and the friend is not sincere. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological interpretation of dreams about parrots

Dream interpretation: Parrots are good at imitating others to speak, symbolizing the incompetent who echoes.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of a parrot falling on a tree means that the main disease is. Dreaming of gifting a parrot is annoying; dreaming of a parrot standing on the ground will make friends. Dreaming of a parrot in a cage means that your career is not going well; dreaming of a dead parrot means that you must be cautious when making friends. Dreaming of shooting a parrot with a gun can subdue the opponent; dreaming of buying a parrot is an ominous omen. Dreaming of selling parrots: parrots, good luck will come; dreaming of flocks of parrots, this is a sign of wealth.

Case analysis of dreaming about parrots

Dream description: For the parrot, it can be said to be mixed. Destroyers think that parrots only have the ability to learn tongues, "people say things like others"; honourers think that they are empathetic and communicative. I dreamed that my family had a parrot, which was still a budgerigar. I really like it. (Female, 27 years old)

Dream analysis: The parrot in the dream means difficulty and gossip. If you dream of a parrot standing on the ground, it implies that you will hand over a useless person; if you dream of a parrot in a cage, you will encounter all kinds of unexpected difficulties; if you dream of a noisy parrot, it indicates irresponsibility There are rumors and whispers, so you must have enough precautions.