Generally speaking, cats represent conspiracy, so this dream is to warn you that someone around you is trying to conspiracy against you, and there are cats near the pillows in the bedroom, indicating that either side of the couple has unspeakable secrets.

The man dreamed that there were many cats in his own yard, indicating that the recent stress is relatively high, causing dreamers to feel fatigued. They should pay more attention to rest, keep their spirits up, and adjust their mentality well. If things go slowly, they will pick up the strong style of the past and give people Convenience is to give yourself convenience, and to cooperate with others will be rewarded.

Dreaming that a cat is hiding in a corner often symbolizes that the enemy may be hidden in his life and work, and is secretly digging a wall or destroying his family life.

A woman dreaming of an indoor meow is admonishing herself, lurking an opponent or a love rival in her love life, looking desperately for a chance like a cat, to compete for her boyfriend.

Pregnant women dream of indoor meowing, so be careful when traveling, it is best to have family. Be cautious in everything and avoid accidents.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of cats entering the room, stock prices will continue for some time. However, in terms of the market for adzuki beans, it can be said that the cat in the dream is a precursor to price increases.