Generally speaking, a cat represents a conspiracy, so this dream is to warn you that someone around you is trying to conspiracy against you, and there is a cat on the pillow in the bedroom, indicating that either spouse has a secret.

A man dreams of a lot of cats in his yard indicates that the recent stress has caused the dreamer to feel tired, and he should pay more attention to rest, nurture his energy, and adjust his mentality. If things are slower, he will get better, and he should pick up the strong style of the past. Convenience is to give yourself convenience, and you will gain from cooperating with others.

To dream of a cat hiding in a corner often symbolizes that you may hide enemies in your life and work, digging walls or destroying their family life.

When a woman dreams of an indoor cat barking, she is telling herself that she is lurking in her love life with a certain opponent or rival, looking like a cat, looking for opportunities to compete for her boyfriend.

Pregnant women dream of indoor cat meows, travel carefully, and it is best to have family with them. Be cautious in everything and avoid accidents.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of a cat entering the house means that the low stock market prices will continue for some time. However, as far as the adzuki bean market in the commodity market is concerned, the appearance of a cat in the dream is a precursor to price increases.