Dreaming of goose eggs, good fortune, good fortune.

Dreaming of eating goose eggs will give you a windfall.

Dreaming that the goose egg is broken, there will be lawsuits.

Dreaming of picking up goose eggs, good fortune, good fortune.

Eggs also represent property, which can be said to have a long history.

Dreaming of eggs or eating eggs is an auspicious sign of wealth.

To dream of piles of eggs means that business is prosperous.

Dreaming of broken eggs means that disputes over property will cause quarrels and even lawsuits. Those who have such a dream should take good care of their property and make a detailed list.

To dream of throwing eggs, the eggs rise, it means that your wealth is growing rapidly and there is a chance of getting rich.

To dream of throwing eggs in the water means that you will make a profit if you do business related to water.

Dreaming of stealing eggs from others means that you will defraud others' property by unethical means, and you will be accused of being a liar. You should be strict with yourself.