Dreams meaning Book dreams of a turtle eating a snake

The tortoise is the basalt and the north is the master; the snake is the blue dragon and the east is the master. The conflict between the two indicates that you are facing a certain choice in your life. Dreaming of a turtle biting a snake indicates the north.

To dream of a tortoise swallowing a snake, the basalt shape is that the snake is plated on the tortoise's back, which symbolizes the intercourse between men and women. Your desire is surging in your heart and dreaming.

To dream of a tortoise and a snake confronting each other indicates that money is rolling in.

Dreaming of snakes and tortoises indicates that you may have a dispute with your neighbors or have unpleasant things with your colleagues in the near future. You need to calm down, deal with and solve them properly, so as not to affect your reputation. If the dreamer really offends someone, he must sincerely apologize to the other person, and must not run away. This may discredit the dreamer.

It is said that multiple friends are more than one enemy, so dreamers must know how to weigh the pros and cons, so as not to let the other party become a stumbling block in their own career, or they will regret it later.

Dreaming of snakes and tortoises has another way of saying that you will encounter more troubles in the near future. Although the dreamer wants to deal with it, he appears to be powerless. If the dreamer can persist in not giving up, things will happen one day. It will rain and sunny.

Dreaming of snakes and tortoises in minors indicates that the dreamer is healthy and full of energy. There will be no sickness surrounding the dreamer in the near future, which will make the dreamer feel happy. But if you don’t pay attention to your diet or sleep quality, your body will still give a warning. So in order to prevent your resistance from falling, you should do more exercise and take more care to avoid the "catastrophe" and dream about snakes. The overall luck with the tortoise is good, so many things will have a good result.

A case study of dreaming about a tortoise eating a snake

Dream description: I just had a dream. I dreamed that I was eating in a restaurant . I saw a tortoise and a snake on the ground. At first they were next to each other. The snake and the tortoise were entangled. Suddenly they clashed. The snake swallowed from the beginning. Since the body of the snake seemed to be thicker than the mouth of the tortoise, at first I thought it would be good to swallow half of it. But I was surprised that the tortoise performed very well. To my surprise, it quickly swallowed the snake from its head, body, and tail several times. My feeling at the time was, how come this tortoise performs so well? I am pleased with his ability to take the initiative to attack. Because I usually stay away from snakes and think that they are dangerous, while to tortoises, I always think that they are relatively quiet. The whole dream gave me the feeling that I was more relieved and surprised, and I felt lighter all over after I woke up from the dream. By the way, I usually raise a tortoise, which is not big. I feed it and change the water every day. I think it is very cute to swim around. But the tortoise in the dream is not the same as the little tortoise I raised. Bigger than my little tortoise.

Personally, I feel that the answers of "male and female" and "anonymous" are more in line with my specific situation to a certain extent. But a friend said that the snake is a symbol of male sexual organs (I am a male). By the way, the tortoise in the dream did not chew the snake, but swallowed it bit by bit. Because the snake is relatively long, I was worried about it. It can't be swallowed, but unbelievably, it swallowed all, from snake head to snake tail.

Dream analysis: It is related to your personality. Your personality should be relatively quiet, introverted, and traditional. The tortoise you raise is just like that. Snake represents terror, insidious, rebellious, dangerous, and is similar to certain people, certain behaviors, and certain thoughts in society, and these may be incompatible with your thoughts, making you very uncomfortable, but in reality you are I couldn't resist, so I had such a dream. It makes you feel that you have finally defeated them, and feel very relaxed and comfortable.