Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed that the turtle eats a snake

  The tortoise is basalt, the main north; the snake is the blue dragon, the main east. The two fight, indicating that you have a certain choice in your life, dreaming of a turtle biting a snake, Zhaoxian North.

  Dreaming that the turtle swallows a snake, the basaltic shape is a snake coiled on the turtle's back, symbolizing the union of men and women. This is your desire flowing into your heart and dreaming.

  Dreaming that the turtle and the snake confronted each other, indicating that the source of money rolled in.

  Dreaming of snakes and turtles indicates that there may be disputes with neighbors in the near future, or rest assured that there are unpleasant things with colleagues, you need to calm down and deal with them properly, so as not to affect your reputation. If the dreamer really offends the person, he has to sincerely apologize to the other person. Do n’t escape, it may ruin the reputation of the dreamer.

  It is said that multiple friends are better than one enemy, so the dreamer must know how to measure the pros and cons, so as not to make the other party a stumbling block in his career, or he will regret it later.

  Dreaming of snakes and turtles is another way of saying that I will encounter more troublesome things in the near future. Although the dreamer wants to deal with it, it seems to be powerless. If the dreamer can persist in not giving up, things will one day It will rain and sunny.

  Minor dreaming of snakes and turtles indicates that the dreamer is healthy and full of energy. There will be no illness around the dreamer in the near future, which will make the dreamer happy. But if you do n’t pay attention to your diet or sleep quality, your body will still give a warning. So in order not to reduce your resistance, you should exercise more and maintain more. It can avoid the coming of “disaster”. Overall luck with Turtles is good, so many things will have a good result.

  Case study of dreaming turtle eating snake

  Description of the dream: I had a dream just now, dreaming that I seemed to be eating in a restaurant , and saw a turtle and a snake on the ground. At first, the two were next to each other. The snake swallowed from the beginning, because the snake's body seemed thicker than the turtle's mouth, at first I thought it was good to swallow half. But I was surprised that the tortoise performed very well, and to my surprise, I swallowed the snake from the head, body and tail several times. My feeling at the time was, how did this turtle perform so well? I was pleased with his ability to take the initiative to attack. Because I usually stay away from snakes and think it is dangerous, but to turtles, I always think it is quieter. The whole dream gave me a feeling of comfort and surprise, and I felt more blessed when I woke up. By the way, I usually keep a turtle, which is not big. I feed it and change the water every day. I think it is very cute. But the tortoise in the dream is not the same as the little turtle I raised. It's bigger than my little turtle.

  Personally, I think the answers of "the same sex for men and women" and "anonymous" are more suitable for my situation. But a friend said that the snake is a symbol of the male sexual organ (I am male), by the way, the turtle in the dream did not chew the snake, but swallowed it bit by bit. Because the snake is relatively long, I was worried about it It can't be swallowed, but it is incredible that it swallowed all the way, from the snake head to the snake tail.

  Dreamland analysis: related to your personality, your personality should be relatively quiet, restrained, traditional. This is the turtle you have. The snake represents terror, insidiousness, rebellion, danger, and is similar to some people, certain behaviors, and certain trends in society. These may be incompatible with your thoughts and make you very uncomfortable, but in reality you are I was powerless to resist, so I had such a dream. It makes you feel that you have finally defeated them, and feel very relaxed and comfortable.