Dreaming of a lizard indicates that the enemy will attack you.

A man dreams of a lizard may indicate that your property is being peeped by bad guys. Beware of villains.

If a woman dreams of a lizard, pay attention to health and hygiene, indicating that you may suffer from gynecological diseases.

Dreaming of a dead lizard is a good thing. It indicates that your troubles and difficulties will pass away.

Dreaming of a lizard that was killed but still crawling on your body means that you will regain your health and be strong.

To dream of killing a lizard indicates that you will regain the reputation or wealth you lost before.

If you dream of a lizard successfully escaping , it indicates that you will suffer troubles and torture in love or career.

To dream of stepping on a lizard, or a lizard falling on yourself from a place where you are standing on the roof, indicates that you and your family may encounter disaster or bad luck.

A woman dreams of a lizard climbing on her skirt or scratching her, which means that she will encounter misfortune and will be very sad. Her husband will become the target of disease. It is possible that she will become a widow, living alone in this world, and it will be difficult to make ends meet without labor.

Dreaming that the lizard is crawling will make mistakes in action. Perhaps the mistake of misremembering the day of the week in all textbooks, or mixing salt in the coffee, etc., is mostly a mistake caused by negligence.