Dreaming of vultures hovering in the sky usually indicates death. It may also mean that you are happily waiting for a certain result, or that a certain career is about to end, but you expect to benefit from it. The vulture devours the flesh of the dead and absorbs the vitality of the dead. Therefore, it also symbolizes the power of rebirth.

To dream of hearing the bald eagle speak human words, predict that the scandal after a long time will be revealed, and because you are involved in it, your career and reputation will be harmed.

To dream of seeing a vulture symbolizes that the slurs of leaders or colleagues will bother you.

To dream of a vulture lying somewhere indicates that your opponent or competitor is waiting for you to make a mistake.

If you kill a bald eagle in your dream, it means you will have good luck and overcome obstacles.

To dream of a vulture barking indicates that because you have lit the fuse yourself, the old scandal will be revealed and will bring you harm.

To dream of a condor parked on a railway indicates that an accident or loss will come unexpectedly.

Seeing many vultures in your dreams generally indicates that dirty rumors or unusual scandals will disturb you.

If you dream of walking towards a vulture, it will fly away immediately, indicating that you can calm the disputes between your friends. This kind of disagreement situation, if not dealt with in time, will be very detrimental to you.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream that you should pay attention to the best stocks. The bald eagle in the dream flies up, indicating that the price will increase; landing indicates that the price will fall.