Pugs are well-developed muscles, and although they are embarrassed, they are kind-hearted, intelligent, strong in memory, rich in emotions, and cheerful in personality.

  Dreaming of a pug indicates that you will be in trouble, but fortunately, you will get the assistance of your friends.

  Dreaming of thin bones and ugly pugs means that you must get rid of the shadows of misfortune and sadness, otherwise the depressed mood will be difficult to change.

  Dreaming of being bitten on the thigh by a pug indicates that you are currently in a relationship with friends and colleagues. There are some differences of opinion. Handle relationships in a timely manner. If the relationship deteriorates, you will be isolated. You can't rule out that there are villains around you, you must pay attention.

  Dreaming that you have a big pug in your arms. If you want others to be better with you in the past two days, you must show a friendly attitude in advance. Control your emotions appropriately when you do things.

  Dreaming that a friendly pug is approaching you, foreshadowing a double harvest in love. For women , this dream is a harbinger of an upcoming marriage.

  A pregnant woman dreams of a pug. In a large process, it represents an expectation for a future baby and her mother and child are safe.

  Pregnant women dream of pugs biting themselves , hinting to remind pregnant people to pay attention to their diet and not overeating.

  Dreaming of beating your own pug indicates that due to your own fault, people who were originally loyal to you will have doubts about you.

  Dreaming of raising a pug, you can prove that your family and friends are your best helpers in the event of a disaster.