Men dream of baboons, indicating that their status will soon be promoted, or that they will be rich in money.

  Dreaming about baboons is a very lucky symbol.

  The woman dreamed of a baboon, foretelling that she would have a happy and happy marriage.

  Dreaming of baboons coming from the clouds indicates that they must guard against thieves.

  Dreaming of the baboon crying when he saw the dog scared, heralding his fame and fame, seeking profit and gaining his will.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  The dream baboon came from the clouds. The dreamer must guard against theft. Mysterious Dreams

  The dream baboon cried when she saw the dog. Baboons are non-human, smiling or non-smiling, and this dream is a sign of reverence for villains. Anyone who dreams of this is not disadvantageous. Mysterious Dreams