Zhou Gong Xiemeng Dreamed of Red-Crowned Crane

Red-crowned cranes, also called fairy cranes, magpies, and Japanese cranes, have many titles of red-crowned cranes in ancient Chinese literature. For example, they are called immortal birds in Erya Wing and fetal birds in Compendium of Materia Medica. The red-crowned crane is one of the cranes and is named for its red meat crown. It is a unique bird species in East Asia. Because of its elegant body and clear colors, it has the meaning of auspiciousness, loyalty and longevity in the culture of this region.

Dreaming of the red-crowned crane tweeting, foreshadows that the dreamer will be promoted.

Dreaming of the red-crowned crane ascending to the sky indicates that there will be a disaster, and there may be family members in the family who want to drive the crane fairy.

The soldier dreamed of the red-crowned crane, indicating that it would be on the battlefield.

Dreaming that there is only one red-crowned crane, heralding separation from the dear.

Candidates dream of a red-crowned crane, indicating that the exam results are very good, and they will be admitted to their favorite school.

He married a woman dreaming red-crowned crane into his arms, will be pregnant , and gave birth to a boy.

The widow dreamed that the red-crowned crane would keep the festival for her dead husband all her life and would be erected in the arch of chaste festival.

The businessman dreamed of the red-crowned crane, and encountered obstacles in doing business.

Dream Case Study of Red-crowned Crane

Dream description: I dreamed of a red-crowned crane, took me back and forth in a building, took me to find my family, and then found and flew over my car all the time, let it return to the car and return to the car, especially obedient, What does this mean?

Dream analysis: Red-crowned cranes have the meaning of auspicious longevity. Dreaming of red-crowned cranes depends on the mood in the dream. It can be seen that the scenes in your dreams are very harmonious, good dreams, indicating that you will have good luck and good health.