To dream of a green snake biting your hand is a good sign and life will be carefree.

Dreaming of a green snake biting his wife’s hand means that love will be very happy.

A pregnant woman dreams of a green snake, implying that the dreamer's fetus will develop healthily.

Case analysis of dreaming of green snake

Dream description: I dreamed of a big and long green snake when it dawned this morning. It was very beautiful. I was walking on a small road. It was in the grass. I hit it with a stick and its tail broke. When the bullet came into my mouth, I kept vomiting. I ran desperately. It ran with me. I jumped it up with a stick and threw it into the water. Then it continued to swim at a very fast speed. He would run after me again, and then I ran home. It followed me into the kitchen and couldn’t catch it at all. Then I was frightened awake all of a sudden. I would like to ask a friend to explain. I’m very scared. I have lingering fears, thank you. The snake is black and purple on land. I threw it into the water and it turned blue, and it stayed blue afterwards.

Dream analysis: The green snake is a symbol of money. The green snake runs with you, which means that the source of money is nearby. The money is waiting for you to earn, and there is fortune. If it is a female, there is a chance of pregnancy , but it is not very certain. I wish you all the best!