A woman dreams of a beautiful and fat little white cat, indicating that others will conspiracy to set traps to harm her and induce her to perish. But fortunately, in order to avoid accidents, she will eventually win with her wit, bravery and accurate judgment.

Dreaming that the cat is messy and mixed in color, or skinny, indicates that you will eat the fruits of your own reckless behavior.

Dreaming of a kitten means that troubles will happen one after another, which will cause you to suffer losses. Unless you can eliminate the kitten, you will not get rid of your worries.

Dreaming of kittens playing with each other indicates that the progress of love is unstable. Although the intimacy between the two parties increases, it is difficult to progress to mutual confirmation of love. This will be an empty and anxious day.

Dreaming of a snake devouring a kitten means that the unpredictable people will try to harm you, but in the end they can only harm themselves.

Dreaming of a kitten means that your behavior will be criticized by people.

To dream of a cat giving birth to a kitten is a good omen, indicating that there will be good luck in the dream.

A woman dreams of a cat giving birth to a kitten means that she has done things cleanly recently and will not be muddled.