Betel nut owner succeeds. Areca nut quenches thirst and relieves heat, symbolizing the lifting of difficulties and success.

Dreaming of betel nut, indicating a fortune, or about to overcome difficulties and achieve success.

Dreaming that you are eating betel nut indicates that your career is independent, you will no longer rely on friends, you can stand on your own.

Dreaming that someone gave you betel nuts, foresight that you might soon get married .

Dreaming of picking betel nuts, beware of possible losses.

Dreaming of buying betel nut indicates that there will be VIPs at home.

Dreaming that men and women are divided into betel nuts, beware that you may be attacked by others.

The unmarried man dreamed that the lover gave himself a betel nut, indicating a happy love and a successful marriage.

Dreaming of betel nut for his girlfriend, heralding that you might break up.

The patient dreamed of chewing betel nut, indicating a quarrel with the doctor and worsening his condition.

The businessman dreamed that the betel nut was scattered from his hand, indicating that the business would suffer severe setbacks.

Dreaming of giving betel nuts to your enemies indicates that the enemy may cause you great losses. Be careful.

Men dream of giving betel nuts to women , which foreshadows friendship of the opposite sex, and you will have a confidant.

Case Study of Dreaming of Areca

Dream description: Last night I dreamed that I was eating betel nut. After eating betel nut residue, I could n’t spit it out, but I pulled it out by hand, but I could n’t finish it after pulling a lot. A stranger) told me that you can only spit out betel nut residues by digging your nostrils with your fingers. I followed his instructions, but the betel nut residues still couldn't be spit out.

Dream analysis: dreaming of chewing betel nut, indicating that there will be trouble to find the door, it is difficult to remove.