Dreamed that pants were rotten, and fortune rose. When you pick up a leather bag in the dressing room of the restaurant and give it to the people honestly, the owner happens to appear, so you will get a reward

Dreaming that the pants are rotten, it indicates that your recent fortunes are good, and I feel that good things will happen. Maybe I found a wallet on the road.

Adults dream that their pants are rotten, which indicates that your recent health is very good, all aspects of your body are good, and are the result of usual exercise.

The single noble dreamed that his pants were rotten, which indicates that your recent love fortunes are not good. You may not meet your favorite person for a while, maybe your marriage will come after a while.

Candidates dream that their pants are rotten, which indicates that your recent exam results are not good, and you always feel that you don't need to review everything, but the result is not as you wish.

Dreaming that my pants are torn and no money to buy them indicates that the interaction between friends is more frequent, and you will get many opportunities to make money because of mutual introductions between customers. You should make good use of the good luck brought by interpersonal relationships. Need to make decisions quickly.

Dreaming that the pants are broken and made a new pair of pants, it indicates that there are more opportunities to go out, there will be opportunities to be exposed to new work content, and contacts with others will be frequent, you can gain some experience from the elders, which will improve personal work Efficiency matters.

Dreaming that the trousers were torn off indicates that the fortune is good, success will be achieved, and twice as much will be done with good luck, which is a good sign.

Dreaming that your pants are torn before and after, which indicates that your health is not good. It may be caused by lack of sleep and lack of concentration. It is important that you pay more attention to the safety of traffic when you go out.